Ezzy Automations, the Prominent Home Automations Solution Provider

Ezzy Automations the prominent provider for automation solution provider has brought the unique home automation solution to make your home more comfortable.

Online PR News – 28-December-2014 – Dhaka – Ezzy Automations the prominent provider for automation solution provider has brought the unique home automation solution to make your home more comfortable than ever. The innovative technologies are bringing so many changes in our life to make it more valuable, comfortable and safe. The home automation solution is one of the breakthrough innovations that bring many dreams closure to us.

Think about your own home, when you enter the security system recognizes you and give you an easy access to the interior. The lights insight to home automatically turned on and so the air-conditioning system. Your favorite music starts to play and moves throughout the rooms and passages, even on your washroom where no one is getting disturbed as when you leave one place the music automatically shifting with you like your digital audio player. To close/open the curtains of windows, your voice command is enough to make it happen. You do not need to physically turn on/off of multiple in-home devices which is controlled by the home automation solution provided by Ezzy Automations.

To make a perfect automation solution there are lots of devices and software needed to integrate appropriately that can even recognize your personal preferences. So if any other person enters/stays at your home his/her preferences will be attributed by the integrated home automation system. Based on individuals preferences the HVAC systems also adjust as per the programming set earlier. This preference schedule can also be updated to any time based on personal preferences and weather changes. If you have an established alternative power supply (windmill/solar panel) the automated system can integrate the power necessary and only consume the additional power needed from the power grid. So it will also help you to reduce the utility bills by efficient usage of external power sources. The integrative system also monitors the security issues of your home, so you will get notified when anyone try to access your premise illegally. The system also has the facility to notify you regarding the external power
consumption and you can program it to be more efficient by balancing the consumption of external power sources.

To establish a perfect home automation solution it is important to properly install and commission of specially designed devices and software. The importance is also great to use devices that are certified to work with automation solutions and have good customer reviews. Being a prominent automation solution provider in Bangladesh, Ezzy Automations provides warranty and after sales services for their delivered products and installations. Ezzy Automations also has exclusive distribution right of most renowned automation devices and solutions in Bangladesh.

The company is also providing exclusive planning and advisory support to all interested home owners for the appropriate solution for their intelligent home. The outmost 24/7 customer service is another special attributes of the company to all over Bangladesh with most skilled engineers and technicians.

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