Needham Laser Announces the Release of its Latest State-of-the-Art Laser Marking Machine

Needham Laser is thrilled to announce the release of its latest state-of-the-art laser marking machine, the Virtus YAG Laser Marking Machine.

Online PR News – 28-December-2014 – Whitchurch, Shropshire – With an ever-increasing need for marking lasers, there is now an overwhelming number of options when it comes to laser and material types, and picking the right piece of equipment has never been more complicated. This is where the laser marking machine from Needham Laser comes in, as it can handle a variety of materials without sacrificing quality, and yet still performs at amazing speeds.

The ND: YVO4 (Vanadate) laser is specifically designed for instant integration into current production and manufacturing workflows and can keep ahead of the fastest production lines in modern industry.

What also sets the Virtus apart from other laser marking machines is the limitless flexibility it offers in applications. Built for long life, reliability, speed, and breathtaking accuracy, the Virtus has the ability to emit three different wavelengths making it ideal for production lines handling multiple types of materials including metals, plastics, electronics, medical and surgical implants and devices, annealing, and more.

Additionally, the Virtus is diode-pumped, delivering top-notch beam quality, pulse-to-pulse stability, and boasts shorter pulse times and repetition rates than other YAG lasers. The Virtus is also an ideal marking machine for heat-affected zones and ablation marking, a common need for the automotive industry.

The Virtus features an astounding array of technology and hardware, including: a compact 19” rack-mount control box; air-cooled solid state design with dual temperance control for extended life; control of up to four external axes and mark-on-the-fly capability; auto-diagnostic and advanced monitoring features for real-time feedback; advanced communication capability including discreet I/O, Ethernet, and RS232; OEM system or custom-engineered enclosures.

The 19” rack mount unit acts as the hub of the marking machine, housing all the technology and features for controlling and monitoring the laser’s activity. The Virtus marking machine comes with a three-year diode warranty, and a two-year system warranty.

To learn more about Needham Laser and its laser marking machines, visit them at:

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