Global (IVF) and Male and Female Fertility treatment market, Segmentation and Forecast 2014 - 2020
12/28/2014 announces a report on "Global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) & Male &Female Fertility treatment market,Overview,Segmentation & Forecast 2014 -2020"

Online PR News – 28-December-2014 – Maharashtra – Dec., 27th, 2014- Mumbai, India: announces a report on "Global In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) & Male and Female Fertility treatment market, Industry Overview, Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, IVF market, Materials & Chemicals, Medical Devices, Protein Purification, Gene Expression, DNA & RNA , Pharmaceuticals, Analytical Reagents Market and Technology, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities, Global Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Segmentation and Forecast 2014 - 2020”. Infertility affects men and women alike, worldwide and they face varying cultural and social stigmas.
According to W.H.O one in every four couples in developing countries is affected by infertility. However, it is difficult to address a standard rate of infertility, due to difference in factors in both males & females.The statistics of infertility show that about 15 to 20 percent of couples face the problem of infertility in the developed countries. In the developing countries the prevalence is variable, it is as high as 30% in Sub Saharan Africa to as low as 5 % in China. One of the major reason for increasing number of infertility is changing lifestyle in developed countries. Delayed pregnancies are one of the major reasons in increasing fertility in women. However, in certain cases, causes of infertility are congenital. The demand for infertility treatment has increased in developed economies due to reducing reproduction capacity. To maintain the current population growth average rate of 2.1 children per female is required.

Infertility, in the 21st century, is a global issue with thousands of couples facing it worldwide. The market is segmented on the basis of male and female infertility. Male infertility has various causes which may be genetically occurring-pertaining to hormonal imbalances, DNA damage,and use of tobacco or due to sexually transmitted disease among other unspecified reasons. Female infertility can be either be genetically diagnosed or acquired with age, STDs, chemotherapy, tobacco induced or weight factors etc. Infertility affects men and women alike, worldwide and they face varying cultural and social stigmas. Given that this is a commonly found medical condition, the infertility treatment market is rapidly expanding. Besides the standard methods of treatment, which are surgical, drug and hormonal therapy, assisted reproductive treatments (ART), with technological advancements, have opened new doors for providing solutions for the male and female infertility issues.

ART refers to the methods used to achieve pregnancy through artificial or partially artificial, clinical means. The last decade has witnessed a steady increase in the number of practices being setup either completely dedicated to this service, or offering it in addition to existing treatments. Procedures involved in this treatment include fertility medication, artificial insemination, and surrogacy among others, with in vitro fertilization (IVF) being the most popular. Although this market steadily expands all-round the globe, India, China and Mexico are the fastest growing markets for IVF as they are popular destinations for medical tourism.
The IVF of male & female infertility market is segmented on the basis of male and female infertility. It is further classified on the basis of diagnostics tests and treatments for both male & female infertility.

The global male infertility market is driven by the various causes of infertility in males which includes all medical, environmental and lifestyle causes. Moreover, significant development in various Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) such as IVF, GIFT and ZIFT to cure infertility in males are another reason driving the market growth.
IVF is on a growth path. The global market that is valued at $10 billion is all set to double in this decade. The first private equity came with ABN Amro purchasing more than 50 % shares of Monash IVF. In 2010 Monash was the largest provider of IVF in Australia. In 2010 Quadrant Private Equity moved in on IVF Australia paying $32.6 million for what was believed to be a controlling stake in the company. By 2010, it was merged with Melbourne IVF and the Queensland Fertility Group, creating Virtus Health. In June, Virtus became the first infertility treatment company in the world to float on the stock market. It is now worth over $720 million and recently reported a profit of $27.3 million in 2012-13. Emerging economies of Asia Pacific provides lucrative opportunities for all such investors who are seeking a good return on their investment. The markets such as India, Thailand and Russia are seeing a surge in the number of couples coming down for availing treatment for Infertility. These are evolving at a higher pace than the markets in USA and Europe. Moreover in countries like Indonesia and Japan the situation of an aging labor force has surged the demand of IVF, thus providing an opportunity for creating center’s to cater to the increasing demand.
Table of Contents:

1. Executive summary

2. Market overview
2.1. Market definition
2.2. Recent innovations and clinical trials

3. Market determinants
3.1. Drivers
3.2. Restraints

4. Male and Female Infertility

5. Market Segmentation
5.1. Male Infertility Market
5.1.1. Male Infertility tests

6. Competitive Intelligence
6.1. Key Market Strategies

7. Market Share Analysis

8. Geography Analysis
8.1. North America
8.1.1. USA

9. Company Profiling
9.1. Sereno
9.2. Cooper Surgical Inc.

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