Brooklyn Labs and Daniel Kaufman launch a Geofencing API to send Geotargeted push notifications.

Brooklyn Labs to launch a Geofencing API that will empower business owners to send targeted push notifications based on location by target cities.

Online PR News – 25-December-2014 – New York, New York – Brooklyn Labs and Daniel Kaufman launch a Geofencing API for both Android and iPhone devices that will empower small business owners to send Geotargeted push notifications based on location by target countries or target cities. Moreover, users will have the option to set a duration for their Geotargeted push notifications to be sent out.

Push notifications have been around for a while, allowing businesses to send information to their customers based on preferences they have previously expressed, but Geofencing is taking push notifications to the next level by allowing business owners to establish a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area with options to define how wide the radius should be, thereby allowing them to send push notifications to only app users in their local geographic area with business owners.

Geotargeted push notifications are one of the keys to connecting small business owners with clients using the mobile app. In some cases your users may not launch your app frequently, but pushes are there to help keep the lines of communication open. This is especially effective through offers, discounts, and event alerts when targeting a specific area to leverage local clients.

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