SHIFTandGO announces new tour event for street motorcycle riders

The RIDESEEKERS TOUR offers both street and sport motorcycle riders a chance to ride some of the best roads in the country.

Online PR News – 25-December-2014 – Baltimore, Maryland – Coming off the successful 2014 “Bikes in Vegas” ride event, SHIFTandGO continues to create new riding opportunities for motorcycle riders looking for the best street riding experience outside of racing. The RIDESEEKERS TOUR offers both street and sport motorcycle riders a chance to ride some of the best roads in the country. But this is no cruiser affair. Riders will test their skills and find their thrills with guided high speed group meet-up rides into deep valleys, high mountain roads, twisty canyons and hidden back roads to find one-of-a-kind landmarks, scenic views and destinations.

The 4-city tour begins with Knoxville, Tennessee in June, with planned rides heading east to the foothills and Hot Springs, south to the Cherohala Skyway and Tail of the Dragon and north along Cherokee Lake and into Kentucky skybridge through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. In July, the RideSeekers tour continues with more twisty road action into the mountains west of Denver, Colorado. Pikes Peak, Squaw Pass and the Lairat Loop are just a few of the schedules ride events offered. The tour then leads into Indianapolis, in August, for the RedBull MotoGP followed by “Bikes in Las Vegas II” in September for rides leading to the Mt. Zion, Hoover Dam, Charleston Peak, Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire.

The RIDESEEKERS TOUR is an open-invitational ride tour event designed for riders to participant in one or all of the meet-up rides offered in any of the four tour destinations. Participants are encouraged to ride their own ride “Aggressive or Slow” at their own risk. Scheduled rides will be lead by one or more guide beginning with a 15 minute orientation. Travel, transport and accommodations options available are offered. For more information visit or contact Curtis Deondre CLUTCH Cook, Tour Coordinator by phone 202-758-4461 or email at

About SHIFTandGO
SHIFTandGo is an open-invite motorcycle travel and events group for independent sport and street riders, based out of Maryland. We lead to inspire others to do more, see more, get more out of their riding experience. Our mission is to provide the best street motorcycle riding experience, outside of racing. We offers new and exciting monthly group riding options throughout the country for those who prefer twisty back roads and unique destinations to collect both miles and memories. Each riding season, from April to October, we provide over 20 different half-day and full-day scheduled meet-up rides and up to six city tour events to satisfy all types of riding and riding experiences. For more information about SHIFTandGO, the RIDESEEKERS Tour or scheduled ride events in your area, visit