Konstant Infosolutions Appreciated for its Praiseworthy Android Launcher App Development Work

Konstant has been highly appreciated for Android Launcher App Development Work by a Texas based company, Biblezon Corporation, which is catholic tablet maker.

Online PR News – 24-December-2014 – Jaipur, Rajasthan – A resolute and persistent approach of Konstant Infosolutions towards providing quality work to its client has again categorized it as one of the best mobile app designing companies. Konstant has been highly appreciated by a Texas based company, Biblezon Corporation, which is a catholic tablet maker.

The client, who is the Founder of the company, was interviewed by one of the popular service providing firms, Clutch.co. The brief up of the interview, and the ratings and reviews of the client are mentioned below.

Project Requirements:

The client wanted to get nine mobile applications developed for the Catholics so that they can concentrate and engage in it while prayers and readings. The project started in the month of June, in 2014, and is still ongoing for further support and maintenance now.

Konstant Infosolutions was selected by the client for complete designing and development solutions. The client basically wanted an electronic Bible.

Project Description:

The client wanted an electronic Bible to help the Catholics to engage while prayers and readings that can enhance the spiritual experience of the people. The project was based only on Android platform, especially for Biblezon tablet.

The major challenge with the project was to create nine apps in total, including the Bible app, a daily meditation app, a rosary app, a library app, a prayer app, and a catechism app, which they can put on the device made for them.

Project Scope:

Konstant Infosolutions was clearly defined about the project in the initial stage only. The scope of the project included the mobile app development and design, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Criteria for Selecting the Company:

The client states that he found Konstant Infosolutions, while Googling through some of the mobile app solution providing companies, in India. He states that, “I picked them because they were listed on their website as one of the top mobile app companies in India.

I looked at their portfolio and had them send me some of their work, what they have done in the past. I reviewed all of those, to make sure I had the right people.”

Project Appreciation:

The client was very happy the way his app was developed keeping in mind the spiritual desires and wishes of the client. The feedback his friends and family gave were also positive.

The client also stated that Konstant performed really well, even after habiting in India because of the perfect communication between them. He highly appreciated the designing work and the customer assistance provided to him.

Client Feedback:

The satisfaction and contentment of the client can clearly be seen through his ratings and feedbacks that he has bestowed upon Konstant Infosolutions. He happily states that, “I think they’re very good in design, and the customer support is very strong as well.” He highly recommended the team of Konstant to others, and honored the team of Konstant with excellent ratings out of five, on various aspects.