Childrens Book Bobby Bobolink Is Now Available In Print

Charissa Tinsley’s illustrated ebook about the bobolink that helps his hurt friend is now available as a printed book.

Online PR News – 24-December-2014 – Philadelphia/Pennsylvania – Bobby the Bobolink Helps to Rescue His Proud Friend is the story of Bobby Bobolink and Angie Duck who are friends. When Angie is hurt by hunters, Bobby tries to help her and inspires other creatures to help them. This is the first book in the series of Shared Values Collection; a collection of illustrated children's stories that teach children the values of life.
Children are never too young to learn the values of life like kindness, friendship, never judging someone from their appearance and so on. Books with likeable characters can introduce these values to children and encourage them to embrace them and be like their heroes. As Charissa Tinsley, author of the book and co-founder of Chardan Media Publishing, said "This is a great faith based book to teach little ones about the importance of kindness and friendship. My mother always taught me 'The Golden Rule' so I wanted to create a book using animals to share that philosophy with the young ones of today." With this Christian fiction book Charissa wants to inspire children to embrace the values of friendship, love, kindness and accepting those who are not like us. A bird and a duck are two very different creatures, yet they are able to ignore this fact and be friends.
Children love this book and as Caroline, an eight year old from Australia said "I am 8 years old and I really liked the story and the cute pictures in this book. The story is about kindness and how a Bobolink bird called Bobby saved his friend after getting hurt because of people, hunters. My favorite character is Bobby Bobolink because he was so nice and caring and taught Angie the Duck about Jesus and how God made us in his wonderful image. And how he was not interested in being beautiful or popular. And that he was friends with different animals. This book is super special and unique and made me feel happy."
Children's books should make them feel good and love the characters. Children love animals and birds and stories with them capture their imagination and inspire them to treat others as they want others to treat them. This Christian fiction book is available on Amazon at

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