Great Gear’s New Recipe Book, Starter Collection Of Infused Water Recipes, Is Now Available.

Great Gear’s New FREE Recipe Book, Great Gear Starter Collection of Infused Water Recipes, is Now Available for Free Download

Online PR News – 24-December-2014 – Greenwood Village/CO – Nutritionists suggest drinking at least 96 oz. of water a day.

The body depends on water for survival. Water makes up more than half of the bodies weight. Every cell, tissue and organ in the body needs water to function correctly. The body uses water to aid digestion, support circulation, transport nutrients, maintain an optimum body temperature, remove waste and toxins, lubricate joints, and protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.

Infusing water is a very popular trend which is sweeping the nation. Infused water is pure water mixed with the flavors and vitamin and mineral benefits of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. And, sometimes a small amount of natural sugars mixed in for extra sweetness.

Great Gearâ„¢ is proud to announce the release of their latest infused water recipe book ( now available for free download on the Great Gear Shop's website. As well, the new recipe book is included with every purchase of a Great Gearâ„¢ fruit infuser water bottle on Amazon. These infuser bottles are currently listed on Amazon.

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This recipe book brings together a collection of 25 favorite delicious infused water recipes specially designed for the new Great Gearâ„¢ water infuser bottle. The book also contains information about hydration and the importance of water in our everyday lives. As well the book explores the origins of infused water. Each recipe also highlights the specific health benefits of the many ingredients.

Using an infuser water bottle daily provides hydration and adds natural vitamins and nutrients to a daily lifestyle. Combining fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices, creates great flavor, nutrients, daily hydration, and saves money by reducing the need to purchase sodas, juices and other expensive and artificially flavored beverages.

The bottle comes with: Leak-proof design, BPA Free Tritan material, On-the-go Flip-top locking spout, activity finger grips, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the Great Gearâ„¢ lifetime warranty.

Available from October 2014, The Great Gearâ„¢ infuser bottles retail price is $23.99 and is currently on sale for $12.95 at Amazon and in select retail outlets.

Dan Dudley, founder of Great Gearâ„¢ says: "This is an extremely satisfying and delicious way to get healthy and support your weight loss program by consuming supersaturated fruit and vitamin infused water. It is so easy and takes only a few minutes a day to use in a healthy lifestyle. We hope this recipe book and our products help our customer's to create great infusions and inspires their creativity. It's our mission to help our customers live a balanced and healthy lifestyle."