CD Genomics Launches New Year Big Promotion for GenSeqTM Saliva DNA Self-Collection Kit

This press release aims to introduce the promotion at CD Genomics for GenSeqTM Saliva DNA Self-Collection Kit, including brief introduction and main features.

Online PR News – 23-December-2014 – Shirley,NY – To celebrate the coming of New Year, CD Genomics decided to launch New Year Big Promotion for a series of products. Today we will introduce GenSeqTM Saliva DNA Self-Collection Kit.

As a new system which is used for saliva DNA collection process, GenSeqTM Saliva DNA Self-Collection Kit can result in high quality DNA self-collection kit.

Relying on the professional proprietary GenSeqTM Technology, CD Genomics can provide Saliva DNA Self-Collection Kit so as to collect saliva samples for genetic analysis.

There are a variety of features. The first one is that the approach can achieve simple, fast and convenient sample collection as self collection or assisted collection with high simplicity and ease in less than 5 minutes. It can be concluded as easy collection, transportation as well as processing. On the other hand, due to the efficient GenSeqTM proprietary stabilizing and bacteriostatic lysis storage buffer in the device, it makes high genomic DNA yield come true. Moreover, it can improve donor care and compliance because of features like painlessness. At last, stable room temperature is available so as to reduce sample storage as well as transport costs by eliminating cold chain in the whole process.

After introducing so many features of GenSeqTM saliva DNA self-Collection kit, it is also extremely important to know about its applications. Scientists from CD Genomics said that there are around five parts, including genetic testing, HLA testing, personalized medicine and epidemiology, drug testing and screening, as well as human whole genome resequencing.

If you want to know more about GenSeqTM saliva DNA self-Collection kit, please visit for more information, or you can contact scientists at CD Genomics through the contact information below.

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