iWaytrack Launches Application For Location Tracking

iWay Track is the product of iWay World. The company is aimed to offer various IT products and Services while addressing daily challenges of any organization.

Online PR News – 23-December-2014 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015 India – iWayTrack.com, found a unique way to track employees who are working mostly in a field or doing marketing. iWayTrack.com is introducing a new application called “iWayTrack” for tracking employees from your Android mobile phone. That is basically used to monitor the activities that are performed by the employees daily. This application is developed with the aim to add more efficiency in the working model of the employee. Let the employees get a chance to improve themselves. It can be referred as a self-improving app also.

Through this robust application, you can track and monitor your employees by using just a smart phone. Well, this can really prove more productive with the respect to the employees’ performance is concerned.

What basic information you can track like you can locate your employee, where he how much time and also it permits you to see the installed app in your employees mobile phone. This feature is simply awesome because it really provides a better way to improve and give more and more productive output for employee as well as the company itself. In return company can improve the business rating, obviously employees work more efficiently day by day, then surely company will get benefit due to that. The company didn’t have to worry about their employees browsing any other website apart from work. A company can get the whole history of browsing of their employees. So what is the benefit employees can’t distract from their work. So in return they can work efficiently.

At the launch of iWayTrack App, The CEO, Mr Tejas Chauhan said that “Our aim is to provide efficiency to the employees and improve productivity of the organization through Android Application that we build named iWayTrack. This application has been developed putting employee and their working model in the center.”

This enterprise android application can be termed as self-improving application too, while helping small to large organizations to manage their workforce more efficiently. Even company can also get a chance to rectify mistakes and also they can monitor their own performance along with the employees.This application is for employees, by employees and of the employees above anything else. Because for any company employees comes first.