News! Top Secrets of NFL Revealed! News on NFL Biggest Problems like Fixing the Superbowl Game!

Get here now VIP access to Top Secrets of NFL like choosing the Superbowl Winner team in September and fixing the games in favor of Seattle Seahawks again!

Online PR News – 23-December-2014 – Houston/Texas – Stream Information Brokers(Houston,Tx, December 22, 2014, just published breaking news Blog Post by the world Best Experts, industry Insiders and Sports Guru about Top Dark Secrets of National Football League starting with NFL already chosen this year Superbowl winner Seattle Seahawks team in September before the season even started at!

Maybe the NFL ( National Football League) football games had already become another similar to WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) totally scripted not real sports entertainment events?!

The largest Problem in NFL is totally ruining the real live Sports Entertainment for 70 millions fans in favor of making even more billions dollars in profits from even more TV News and Media shows contracts and from growing number of sponsorships(bribes) by Seattle team lobby, by NewEngland team lobby, by Pitsbourgh team lobby!
The Last year Superbowl Game had become the Private Live Entertainment event with Red Carpet and Drinking Party for NFL executives, News an Media Networks Executives, their families, friends and invited movies stars, other celebrities, other VIP guests!

Who remembers or cares about those many millions ordinary football fans left cheated out of hundreds-thousands dollars paid to watch those totally scripted NFL games with winner-loser in each game decision made before the games started?

Fixing the games and scores is not the news in world of professional sports! The News and Media had covered the largest scandals with fixing the games and their scores in some most popular and profitable professional sports like soccer, rugby, basketball for many years now!
But the SIZE and SCOPE of shamelessly fixing Fixing the Games and games scores in favor of NFL Seattle Seahawks team to make them the Superbowl winners and "champions" second year inthe row should be the Breaking News for all many millions football fans!
Now each NFL fan should decide for herself, himself and choose between wasting money on buying games tickets and NFL apparell and wasting time tailgating, watching totally scripted (theater performance) sporting events (like WWE -World Wrestling Entertainment) and maybe better spend their time and money by socializing in some pub with beer and other simple pleasures!
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