Adventures in Weight Loss Announces 25% Price Reduction & Free Recipe E-Book

Adventures in Weight Loss, the leading exponents of healthy dieting, has announced a special offer for new members.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – 12/22/14 Brisbane – Adventures in Weight Loss, the leading exponents of healthy dieting, has announced a special offer for new members.

The offer involves a 25% price reduction for two people joining together. They are also offering a free recipe book entitled “Food Adventures-Spring / Summer”

The numbers of reduced price programme places are limited and potential customers are advised to apply as soon as possible

Adventures in Weight Loss Business Manager, Ratna Rashid, commented further:

“Starting a diet sometimes takes an effort of will.

We’re also all familiar with the ancient saying “the road to perdition is paved with good intentions”. I know that because I personally once suffered from weight control problems and needed to take action to address that. So, I speak from experience not just theory.

The problem is that starting a new diet regime often involves overcoming a massive sense of inertia. In other words, it’s all too easy to simply put things off until ‘after the holidays’, ‘after Christmas’, ‘after the wedding’ or ‘sometime after the weekend’’ etc.

We’re determined to help people overcome that in two ways.

The first is to show them that our programme doesn’t involve either going hungry or cutting out just about every food you enjoy. It’s a specially prepared and custom-designed plan that is built around a series of blood tests and expert medical assessment. Each plan is unique to the person concerned.

In fact, our offer of the free recipe guide is to help indicate just how possible it is to eat well and lose weight at the same time.

The second point, we admit, is to try and give people a financial incentive to get started and to encourage a friend to do likewise. Money can be a powerful motivator and that’s why we’ve created this special offer.

We hope that the two things, taken together, will provide the boost that may help some people to overcome that natural but potentially very unhealthy tendency to put things off and do nothing about their weight”.

Interested parties can discover more about this special offer through the following link to the Adventures in Weight Loss website.

About Adventures in Weight Loss

2006 saw the establishment of Adventures in Weight Loss by leading healthy eating expert Graham Park.

Based in Queensland, it has grown to become a major force in weight reduction and has helped large numbers of people to initially lose then to control their weight based upon bespoke diet programs built upon an assessment of each individual’s unique body chemistry assessment.

Adventures in Weight Loss has also developed, in conjunction with its medical associates, programs aimed at helping to prevent diet-related illnesses such as Type-II Diabetes.

Further information

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