Launches 'Best Match' Freelance Online Job Portal - A 'No Bidding' system

This press release outlines the benefits of using for finding freelance work.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – Ireland – Today's job market has evolved from scouring the classified ads to browsing help wanted ads on the Internet. Online job boards can be a real boon for freelancers who depend on finding gigs on a daily/weekly basis to build their businesses. Having access to a number of job boards is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with people who need their services. There are several different types of job boards out there that can help freelancers land jobs and build their portfolios. Here are a few things you need to know about job boards as a freelancer.

The Big Players

There are several larger job boards out there that post open gigs for freelancers. The main draw to these sites is that they are well-known and reach a large number of people. This translates into having a large number of job postings. However, there is also a large number of job seekers using these sites to find gigs, making it much more competitive to land jobs on larger job board sites.

Niche Job Boards

However, as an alternative to large job boards, niche job boards can help freelancers find a larger number of jobs that are a better fit for their skills and services. There are several niche job boards that cater specifically to the needs of freelancers and are set up in such a way that it makes it easier to find the jobs they are looking for. There are several benefits that are offered by niche job boards including:

A lower cost to post. People who are looking for freelance services are often on a budget, making a niche job board a viable solution for finding the right freelancer for their needs.

Freelancers that use niche job boards are narrowing the competition to only those who provide the same types of services, which means that there is a higher likelihood that they will be selected for a job they apply or have the skill for.

For example, offers freelancers the chance to grab a job that fits their needs They simply sign up for a free account, get verified/tested by for the services they wish to sell and then wait for those who need their services to purchase them. There is no more job ad searching, bidding or other hassles for the freelancer and no more risk of mediocre sellers for buyers. The proprietary algorithm employed by makes matches between buyers and sellers based on a number of criteria to ensure that each buyer is being presented with the best possible freelance solution. is one of the niche sites that really works freelancers offering any service imaginable. It makes it easy for freelancers to select the skills/services they offer and even easier for buyers to locate/be matched with the service provider that will provide the best service for their needs. It is the perfect solution for those looking for online jobs for college students and online jobs from home. It's a win-win for everyone.

If you are a freelancer who is looking for a job board solution that works or a buyer who is looking for a qualified service provider, consider giving a try. For more information, please visit

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