Michigan Local Perks (Mi Local Perks) Publishes a New Magazine

Mi Local Perks compliments its online business directory and rewards program with a new magazine publication.

Online PR News – 16-August-2010 – – This week, Nova Yeoman, CEO of Mi Local Perks, which is a customer service oriented marketing firm that rewards shoppers who patronize the companies listed within their business directory, is announcing the release of a new publication. “We are elated at the news that Mi Local Perks has gone to the presses! The September edition of the Mi Local Perks Magazine is set to be released by the first week in September, with full distribution planned for the October issue.”

For those who may not already know, Mi Local Perks, which is short for Michigan Local Perks, is an online resource that is designed to help small Michigan businesses lower marketing costs, attract new shoppers and increase customer spending. Business owners may become members of the website and create a profile that includes their logo, contact details and current discount offerings. The business profile is housed within a searchable database that allows shoppers to locate these local deals. However, the difference between the Mi Local Perks discount directory and other coupon based websites is the Mi Rewards Program. Shoppers may join the Mi Rewards Program for free by completing a short form directly from the website. From there, customers who shop at the businesses within the directory are able to earn points that are redeemable for free gift cards to major chains like Walmart, Panera Bread, Sears and more; or they may choose free gift certificates to businesses found within the directory itself.

According to the CEO, “Large corporate brands like Kohl’s, Macy’s, PetSmart, Best Buy and many others work to create customer loyalty by ‘rewarding’ shopper activity through points based programs. However, this type of program can be too costly and time consuming for smaller organizations to administer, so that’s where Mi Local Perks comes in.” Based on the level of membership that is chosen by each company at the time their profile is created, a points value is assigned to their particular business. A platinum, gold, silver or bronze membership not only carries a varying points value, but also carries varying benefits, such as specific placement within search results, the number of deals or discounts that can be posted and the type of details that can be listed about each company.

With all that the Mi Local Perks website has to offer, why decide to go to print? Ms. Yeoman replied, “Despite what many have said, print media is not dead. Yes, the Internet has taken over much of the advertising market share, resulting in several printed publications either scaling back or disappearing entirely. However, the Mi Local Perks Magazine will serve as a compliment to an already thriving online presence. There are many out there who still enjoy reading a paperback novel, a newspaper and a magazine. It is those consumers that we seek to reach.”

To keep marketing costs down, Mi Local Perks has instituted a specific distribution plan that includes monthly postal mailings to centers of influence throughout Michigan. “We aren’t trying to get into everyone’s mail box. That’s a technique that has ultimately hurt many in the print media industry. Rather, we plan to hit the hot spots where consumers congregate and have even formed trusted relationships. Schools, churches, medical/dental offices, restaurants, salons and other businesses, will serve as great locations to offer our publication. We don’t plan to saturate through quantity, but to succeed through quality. The Mi Local Perks Magazine will be seen by thousands within a specific targeted market.” This method works to reduce printing costs, thus greatly reducing the cost to businesses who wish to advertise in the publication.

In closing, the CEO stated, “The feeling is that the Mi Local Perks Magazine will further our mission to help small businesses in Michigan market their message without costing them a fortune to do it. We know that most people who are introduced to an idea will inevitably go online to follow up or to seek more information. Now that Mi Local Perks has both online and printed resources, we are better able to serve both our business and our consumer clients.”

For more information on the subject of this press release, please visit www.MiLocalPerks.com or contact media@milocalperks.com.

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