Anaerobic Digestion And Biogas Information Website Re-Launched By IPPTS

A comprehensively updated website about anaerobic digestion and biogas plant technology is now available, its creator IPPTS Associates has announced.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – Shropshire, UK – Shropshire, UK, December 21, 2014 - The creators of the IPPTS Anaerobic Digestion website have announced that their technical website about the anaerobic digestion process and biogas plant technology, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in April 2015, has just been completely re-written and updated and is now available to visitors.

The new website has which is found at, has sections which provide information about all the types of anaerobic digestion plants which are commonly in use in the developed nations, from small on-farm biogas plants making electricity from manure, to the large water company owned wastewater sludge treatment AD plants. The latest of these sludge treatment AD plants can supply all the power needed to run the water treatment works, itself.

The content is written as a reference point for waste and resource management professionals, and for interested students. Editorially, it takes a UK perspective on developments, while providing information which is useful to the green/ renewable energy community, globally.

The previous version of the website was always popular with users, and held a high profile within the search engine listings. It has clocked up more than half a million visitors since its initial launch. However, after almost 10 years it was thought by its owners, IPPTS Associates, that it was time to completely update the articles and re-design the site while incorporating the latest internet technology. IPPTS has stated that it has endeavoured to make the site easier to navigate, and has added facilities for its visitors to provide feedback and easier to share pages with their friends and colleagues.

The subject of anaerobic digestion, in which organic matter is converted by a natural process into energy and fertilizer, has also developed over the last 10 years, as new biogas technologies have been developed within the industry. Back in 2005, anaerobic digestion was viewed in the UK as an activity which would forever confined to just a few farmers, and most people thought it was never likely to be profitable.

It is quite different now, biogas plant technology is now being funded by the major banks, and is prized by many, as an additional income stream for farmers. Biogas plants are also being given government incentive funding and are being used for organic municipal waste and food waste. Uptake of this "green" technology which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, can truly be described as booming internationally.

IPPTS Associates has said that anaerobic digestion technology is finding many uses, not least because it has become one of the main technologies for the treatment and diversion of municipal solid waste away from landfill, especially food waste.

IPPTS Associates has also found that with interest now high among potential future owners of anaerobic digestion plants, there is a substantial demand for lists of addresses of the main AD facility design and build contractors. These are needed to obtain advice on individual biogas plant project feasibility and prices, so the new website now provides this information as free lists (downloadable spreadsheets) of Anaerobic Digestion Plant Contractors and Suppliers (US version) at:

Steve Symes (IPPTS Associates, Marketing Manager) said:

"These are exciting times for all those involved in the biogas industry. We have seen this unique method of making methane gas (biogas), and from that energy, develop fast. But, it is also amazingly versatile. When biogas has been purified, it can also be used as a feedstock for refineries to replace oil as a raw material for making everything from plastic to pharmaceuticals. Not only that, the subject will continue to grow and evolve as research and investment flows in faster than ever. What we continue to like so much about it, though, is that it is still such a young area of science. In fact, we are sure that we will be adding much more to our new website over the next few years, and that there will be some big technological breakthroughs which we will also be writing about soon."

The company also provides a news blog on the same subject which they intend to continue to publish, as trailered in the video here:

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