Debt is causing unnecessary suffering when debt advice is available to everyone

The real cost of being in debt should be measured in sleepless nights, relationship breakups and stress induced health issues according to debt advice websites,

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – Everyone counts the cost of debt in pounds. But the real cost of not getting debt advice is a personal one, with nearly every aspect of their personal, family and professional life being affected.

Nearly half of the people survey by Talk About Debt said debt was stopping them getting on with their lives, and 77% said it was making them act differently towards their family.

Worry, sleepless nights, drink, lies and arguments are just some of the tell tales symptoms of financial hardship. But we still like to suffer alone and for a long time before seeking help.

Other findings from the research included:

Nearly half of people in debt are always worried unnecessary
28% said debt has stopped them getting on with their life
41% have lied to a friends and family about being in debt
77% act differently towards their family because of debt
33% are drinking more
90% are being kept awake with worry

Matt Roberts, co-founder comments: “There is no need to suffer at the hands of debt. The UK is blessed with some great debt advice organisation. Advisors have a number of accessible solutions available to help people make debt affordable and under control, which include debt management and IVA. So our message is clear. Talk about your debt as soon as you can, and don’t suffer a day longer.”

Talk About Debts mission is to get people not only to talk about their problem but also get the right advice. To help people do this provides free access to carefully screened, reviewed, debt advisors who provide unbiased debt advice. This helps those in serious debt to avoid advisors who charge excessive fees or feel it is reasonable to extend the period individuals are in debt beyond what is reasonable and logical.

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