Dental care network announces all on 4 dental implants at affordable rates

DCN’s Director recently had held an interview at the office headquarters and was happy to announce offering affordable rates on All on 4 dental implants.

Online PR News – 20-December-2014 – Lane Clove – DCN’s Director recently had held an interview at the office headquarters and was happy to announce offering affordable rates on All on 4 dental implants that are provided by this prestigious medical institution. Now, patients can easily walk into the institution and be confident in having treatments without the high charges and not having to worry about huge expenses, especially if they are not adequately covered under dental insurance.
This procedure is termed to be a better way for replacing missing dentures or teeth and used the latest and sophisticated materials and technology. These are perfect for those who do not have dentures or could be missing most of their natural teeth. This dental implant procedure can actually support entire arch of teeth by using just four implants. It can be utilised either on lower jaw or upper jaw and to replace immediately missing teeth that not only gives a feel and look of natural teeth, but also is said to function normally.
The functioning of this procedure is that it comprises of four titanium implants that are inserted into every jaw. The implants do act as a foundation for the bridge. Then fixed teeth set that appear like natural teeth could be included to the implants for replacing the teeth. This procedure is a wonderful solution if there is some bone loss.
According to him, this procedure is not complicated and just would require one or two visits to the DCN dentist so that the restorative dentist and oral surgeon could develop an appropriate plan. It would involve taking of photos, necessary measurements, impressions and x-rays. Following this process of consultation, the patient would be scheduled to undergo surgery implantation. Here new teeth would be fitted and then adjusted within 24 hour period. It is important for the individual to return for having checkups with the Periodontist in the coming few months for ensuring that teeth replacement has been fitted properly. The gums would get fully healed after a period of six months and the implants would get fused to natural bone.
They further stated that this procedure is very much different from the other traditional treatments present. Bone grafting is not required and just requires the four implants to support the whole dental restoration. Around eight single implants might be required by the traditional dental implants for support to the whole dental restoration, but this advanced procedure just makes use of four implants, since two posterior implants get tilted at a specific angle to allow longer posting of implants. Such implants according to him offer durability and treatment time is quicker.
Moreover, surgery in this procedure is much quicker, since patients can add replacement teeth on the same day like that of their implant surgery. Also, they can maintain regular chewing and eating functions, and not have to wait for weeks in between surgeries. They stated that this treatment is recommended to those patients requiring replacement of almost majority of the natural teeth. Patients having low bone volume can also avail it, if they are not able to go for bone grafting method because of poor health and face conditions like osteoporosis or diabetes.
About DCN: This reputed dental institution takes pride in the services that it offers. Moreover, all procedures and treatments that are provided by this institution are affordable and easy to avail.