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High quality Pellet mill is a kind of mechanism press which is used to create pellets from powdered substance.

Online PR News – 20-December-2014 – Henan – Henan – China – 20.12.2014 – Process of pelleting is an indispensable part of nutritional feed industry and it is also the key to their production. Over the years the technologies used in the field of pellets mill machine has evolved considerably and there have been a lot of new and innovative inventions in the field of operation as well. Like all other industries, the pellet and shredder industry is also highly competitive and most of the manufacturers claim their product and equipments to be the best fit for the purpose of the client.

The technology consists of forcing some soft feeds through the holes existing in the metal die plates. In this way compacted pellets are created and these are cut to some pre-determined sizes. Whether it is wood pellet mill or any other; usually each bite of the pellet have similar designs and this will ensure that the entire stock of the feed are just as desired by the manufacturer or the client.

Similar is the case of the plastic bottle shredder machine and for that matter all types of shredder machines that are used to shred waste materials in the commercial world. The use of shredders is not confined to commercial world alone but they are also widely used by public offices, welfare institutions, and non-profit organizations. Another important item for shredding is the worn out tires used in automobiles of various types. In any case for best use of such equipments one needs a reliable and reputable provider and that is where the Henan Sinovo Machinery Engineering Company or SIMEC in short can step in helping out the prospective client with best quality machines they offer.

“We are a leading provider of all types of pellet mills and shredders including the waste tyre shredder machine for sale. We have spread our business not only in and around China but overseas as well. Whether it is plants, equipments, services relating to the wood pellet, or any such pellet related projects, we can give you the best at the cheapest. While our equipments are top class, our services are extremely efficient and that is what keeps our clients in good human who used to come back to us time and again seeking our products and services.” - says the CEO of the company.

“SIMEC is a real specialist in the field of biomass energy applications as well as manufacturing of related equipments. I am particularly impressed with the quality and durability of their products and efficiency of their services”, says Barry Knight, a highly satisfied client from Texas, United States.

About SIMEC:
Henan based SIMEC was established with the objective of research and equipment engineering as well as for promoting the application of different types of biomass energy technologies including pellets mill machine and the plastic bottle shredder machine among others. Bio-energy stands today as one of the most efficient alternatives for fossil-fuel energy, the reserves of which are fast dwindling. That is why the company aims at creating high efficiency technologies as well as equipments for utilizing biomass materials. For more information and technical specification of the machines, you may prefer to log in to this online portal at http://www.simecplant.com/ .
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