We An-Ser Communications Announces Studies Show Customer Service Prime Indicator of Business Success

Recent studies have shown that customer service often determines a company's success. More businesses are focusing on improving customer service.

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Regina, SK – Recent studies have shown that customer service often determines a company's success. More businesses are focusing on improving customer service, but still there is work to be done. With recent problems with customer service from some big-name companies making the news, small businesses are more worried about maintaining a higher level of service for their own customers.

According to one survey, having issues resolved quickly is the most important aspect of a good customer experience. This often entails having knowledgeable call center staff or receptionist to handle the calls. Companies must be able to deal with customer issues immediately to find a resolution. Small businesses often face an extra challenge in the fact that they may not have the necessary staff to handle calls.

The cost of using a virtual receptionist is often a portion of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Working with a company that provides communications services can mean the difference between keeping customers happy or losing out to the competition.

At the same time, many customers do not want to speak with an automated system, especially when they have concerns or complaints. It often adds to their frustrations to have to hit buttons to get to the person or department they want and then be required to leave a voice message.

We An-Ser Communications seeks to end those customer frustrations and enhance the quality of businesses' customer service. This is a company that provides communications services for all types of businesses, including medical facilities and real estate. They offer a variety of services that are tailored to the client's needs.

Communications companies allow even small businesses with just a few employees to provide superior customer service with their limited reserves. They can use these services to book appointments or reservations or act as customer service centers to handle questions or complaints. Employees with these companies are trained in customer service and can handle almost any issue. They also know when to get the company involved for more complex situations.

We An-Ser Communications can act in the role as a virtual receptionist for full-time assistance or just after-hours for those companies that need to respond to customers day or night. They can dispatch workers to answer customer calls for businesses that provide repair services.

Keeping customers happy can define the probability of a company's success. It costs less to keep a current customer than to market enough to gain a new one. One way to effectively do that is to ensure that every customer experience is positive even when the person calls in with an issue.

"Our goal is to resolve any problems that customers may have and make your business look good," says Ashley Maszaros, of We An-Ser Communications. By hiring a knowledgeable company that is focused on meeting customers' needs, a small business can focus on attaining a level of customer service that is often reserved for companies large enough to hire a full-time call center with multiple agents. This helps ensure that they are meeting the number one requirement of customers by handling issues and seeing them resolved quickly. This is the best way to ensure a repeat customer.


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