ASA Provides The Latest Tips on Safe Motorcycle Driving in the Winter

ASA, a motorcycle insurance company in Salt Lake City, provides tips for driving safely in the winter with your motorcycle.

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Salt Lake City, Utah – ASA Insurance, a motorcycle insurance company in Salt Lake City, provides tips for driving safely in the winter with your motorcycle. While it may be more difficult than riding in the summer, it is not impossible, and it allows you to continue saving money on fuel costs.
The cost to fill up a motorcycle tank is a fraction of the expense in filling up a truck, SUV or even a compact car. That is the reason many people want to ride their bikes for as long as the weather will allow. While some people will just say to put it in the garage until warm weather, it is possible to ride through much of the winter.

The most important thing to remember is to have the motorcycle prepared for winter. This may mean new tires and new brakes. Drivers want to make sure their bike won’t break down or slide or slippery streets. One accident for a rider with motorcycle insurance in Salt Lake City can cause rates to go up.

Riders must also dress for the weather to prevent frostbite while they are out in the elements. Dressing in layers is the best way to preserve warmth, and make sure the top layer is waterproof. Wear a cap or hood under the helmet since much of the body’s heat is lost through the head. Be willing to stop more often to get inside and warm up on longer drives and forego hours-long rides whenever possible.

Riding in the winter is best for short trips, such as to and from work or to run errands in town. Always check the weather forecast for new snow. It is best to postpone trips until after a new storm has passed through and road crews have gone over the roads since high snow levels will prevent a bike from getting too far. It is also important to drive slower and allow more room between vehicles. Not only is a motorbike more likely to have an accident on slippery streets, so are other vehicles.

Anyone who plans to ride their motorcycle in the winter needs to be sure they have adequate motorcycle insurance. Don’t let it lapse and don’t just assume the minimum required coverage is all you need. “You need to consider how much an accident might cost you and obtain appropriate levels of coverage,” says Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance, a motorcycle insurance company in Salt Lake City. Once the insurance coverage is exhausted in an accident where the driver is at fault, they become responsible for any other costs. Having adequate coverage can protect a person from expensive debts that they cannot afford.

Riding a motorcycle is possible even in winter weather. Riders must be prepared for every trip by ensuring that their bikes are ready to ride, they are dressed for the weather and that they maintain the right frame of mind. With adequate motorcycle insurance in Salt Lake City, they are ready to ride any time of the year.

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