Seniors Playing Piano? It's Never Too Late to Start!

Senior Citizens Actually Excel At Learning Piano Even If They’ve Never Touched A Keyboard Before In Their Lives!

Online PR News – 15-August-2010 – – Educator and accredited piano instructor Edward Weiss has recently updated his unique online piano course. It’s designed to take anyone from zero to piano composer in less than 30 days – especially those 50 years of age or older.

And even better, it’s all done over the internet in the privacy and ease of one’s home.

Almost everyone has unfulfilled dreams, and for many of us over 50 one of those dreams is playing an instrument. The ability to simply sit down and create beautiful, flowing music is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Age Is No Boundary

But now, according to Edward, anyone with the desire and a keyboard can do just that – create, compose and play their own personal piano masterpieces – no matter what age they are. As Edward explains:

“It’s truly tragic. The so-called common knowledge says you can’t learn to play a musical instrument in your senior years. That’s just bunk! My most enthusiastic and successful students are over 50 years of age – some are even in their late 80’s!”

Edward was asked why senior citizens make great students.

“There are several reasons. As we mature, we tend to be more patient. We’re not out to win a musical scholarship or gain entry into a famous conservatorium. We have the maturity to know that creating music isn’t a competition. It’s an expression of our inner selves – a lifetime of triumphs and failures. The essence of what we are – a reflection of our individual spirit.”

Endorsed By David Lanz, Listed on Steinway & Sons

Edward’s online course has been enthusiastically endorsed by the grand master of New Age Music himself, David Lanz. Not only that, but Edward is also listed on the prestigious Steinway & Son’s register of professional piano instructors.

“It’s both a thrill and an honor having the backing of the foremost artist in the New Age Musical scene, as well as being recognized by Steinway & Sons as a first class teacher.

Look, Listen & Learn

Edward’s online method is especially friendly towards senior citizens. They can take all the time they need for mastering each skill, building up to the point where they’re actually composing their own scores and melodies.

As Edward describes it: “There’s no mystical secret in learning to play piano and composing your own scores. It’s a step by step approach, first learning the basic chords and then building upon each lesson to create full length compositions. My method allows anyone, especially seniors, to almost effortlessly master what’s required. It’s not just doable – it’s fun!”

If there could be an added benefit to Edward’s teaching method it’s this: The cost is bewildering low – so much so it’s almost a sin not to put his method to the test.

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