Kapapai Introduces All-New Men’s Fashion Brand in India

After thoroughly grasping the trending factor in fashion and lifestyle industry, Kapapai is launched to give an extra styling substance to men’s clothing stint.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – Delhi – After thoroughly grasping the trending factor in fashion and lifestyle industry, Kapapai is launched to give an extra styling substance to men’s clothing stint. The philosophy of this brand is to counter in men’s fashion wear with in-depth focus on quality, design and all other technical issues. As an online shopping platform, it has a vast array of fashion products, ranging from men’s T-shirt to footwear and fashion accessories. Each product has its own distinct style and goes by the demand of prevailing fashion trends.

Importantly, the brand has successfully made it clear with the message – “Be Visible” (its tagline) that it is there to dismantle the cloud of identity crisis from every man’s life. Further, it believes in the game of style irrespective of age, and enchants the mantra of “Style Young”. Kapapai’s exclusivity and authenticity as a fashion brand is something to watch out for in-coming times. The brand understands the need of its target audience and what they strive for, providing a gamut of fashion assortment to choose according to their taste and preference. It has debunked the loopholes that prevail in the orthodox fashion culture and tried to fix it with the bandage of contemporary vogue. Simply, Kapapai is the fusion of traditional and modern fashion elements, giving every product a life to breathe, breathe fashion, style and comfort.

On one hand, it takes pride in showcasing a varied range of cool T-shirts with creative prints while on the other hand, it has a vast assortment of footwear, which further stretches from sneakers to loafers and outdoor shoes to casual shoes. The fashion accessory section of kapapai is a treat to watch as it comes with a mind-boggling range of classy sunglasses, wallets, belts and many more. With such a strong product line in the lifestyle segment and men’s clothing, this brand is getting bigger in the nose of its competitors.

Talking about the products of Kapapai in a more detailed way, its T-shirts are the first, which manages to grab the eyeballs. Right from plain T-shirts to chequered to printed T-shirts, it has got the most extensive range of cool and stylish T-shirts. The vibrant colors, neat stitching and aesthetic sense are some of the prime attributes of Kapapai’s apparel that fits according to the tone of skin. Moving to the footwear section, it has a great collection of toughened, stylish and rugged shoes that holds matured sense of feelings and ensure all-round comfort. Apart from this, the fashion accessory section of this brand even looks great with a huge mesmerizing assortment of sunglasses, wallets and many more. While the sunglasses are perfectly trendy, it is also meant for sensitive eyes. In addition, the wallets and belts are designed with high-end precision, making them long-lasting and enduring.

According to Kapapai, there is a tremendous growth in the apparel industry in India due to change in earnings, lifestyle and urbanization of customers. This has resulted in worldwide attraction towards Indian apparel industry, and foreign customers are also getting interested in Indian fashion clothing. Seeing this as a great future prospect, Kapapai has stated that, they are going to reach out for more possibilities in the long run and will keep on updating their products from time to time in order to meet the ever-changing taste of customers, specifically the younger generation.

To meet the stiff challenges of the changing planet, Kapapai is focusing stringently on market segmentation and putting light on target techniques to understand end customers in a comprehensive way. Moreover, the brand has left no stone unturned in understanding the mood, dynamism and psycho graphic influence of customers. Right from brainstorming in demographic inclined situations to studying customer behavior based on geography, income and age, Kapapai has shown nerve of steels and unveiled their passionate motive to make the brand the synonyms of men’s fashion clothing.