Proofread My Paper Incorporates English as a Second Language (ESL) Proofreading Services

Proofread My Paper, a company known for its highly professional proofreading services, has now added a new service of ESL Proofreading to its array of services.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – Stuyvesant Oval, New York – Proofread My Paper, a company known for its highly professional proofreading services, has now added a new service of ESL Proofreading to its array of services.

Offering a wide range of services, the company is one of the leading proofreading and editing service providers in the USA. It specializes in international and English as a Second Language (ESL) proofreading. Most ESL students encounter difficulties with the English language. Considering this, the company offers high quality ESL proofreading services to students who have learned English as a Second Language.

Understanding the challenges that ESL students face when writing in a second language; the company has employed an expert team of in-house proofreaders to manage the task of professionally refining ESL documents.

Despite having thorough knowledge and understanding of concepts and ideas, it has been observed that ESL students struggle to put their thoughts on paper due mostly to a lack of confidence in using the English language. During this translation process, the core of the thought is often lost. The company ensures that the thoughts of ESL students are presented properly to readers.

Believing that the value of a student’s work is in the intellectual concepts, level of understanding, and overall academic efforts supporting their work, and not in their grammatical abilities in the English language. The company offers proofreading services to help ESL students concentrate on their ideas rather than struggle with grammar.

In addition to ESL proofreading and editing services, Proofread My Paper also offers business proofreading, including CVs, novels, and manuscripts. The working process includes reviewing and correcting errors, i.e., grammatical errors and incorrect usage of terms that can affect the final grade. They also review the content to ensure correspondence to the title and appropriate conveying of the message. If the content is found to be inappropriate, the proofreaders edit the document, perfecting it in light of the selected topic.

Once the entire process of editing and proofreading is completed, a track changed copy of the document is provided to the customer for reviewing and understanding the errors and thus adding to his or her knowledge. The company also serves dyslexic students to improve their written documents by providing them with the most professional proofreading services.

Kiran Chauhan, founder of Proofread My Paper, says, “We have been providing high-end proofreading and editing services to students and business professionals for years and have been successful in acquiring a comprehensive clientele for all these years. Several of our clients have provided feedback of acquiring better scores after using our proofreading services and this is what keeps us going and striving hard to maintain the high quality of service we offer.

We strongly believe that high quality service is the major area of concern that everyone is seeking nowadays. Proofreading services for ESL students is our major service, since, in the USA, there are many ESL students struggling to express themselves in perfect English. Our service will help them immensely.”

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