IEEE Computer Society Announces 2015 Fellows

The IEEE Board of Directors elevated 300 members to Fellow status for 2015, compared with 293 last year.

Online PR News – 22-December-2014 – LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., – Sixty IEEE Computer Society members and 11 IEEE members evaluated by the CS Fellow Evaluation Committee will be elevated to IEEE Fellow grade in 2015. The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in the profession.

The IEEE Board of Directors elevated 300 members to Fellow status for 2015, compared with 293 last year. Computer Society members and associates recommended for Fellow status in 2015 include:

Daniel Andrews – Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs

David August – Princeton University

Ewert Bengtsson – Uppsala University

Ricardo Bianchini – Microsoft Corporation

Kenneth Birman – Cornell University

Aaron Bobick – Georgia Institute of Technology

Azzedine Boukerche – University of Ottawa

Rajkumar Buyya – University of Melbourne

Christian Cachin – IBM Research Laboratory

Jiannong Cao – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Joseph Cavallaro – Rice University

Elizabeth Chang – Curtin University

Xiuzhen Cheng – George Washington University

Henrik Christensen – Georgia Institute of Technology

Sajal Das – Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dipankar Dasgupta – University of Memphis

Joe Decuir – CSR Technology, Inc.

Murthy Devarakonda – IMB Watson Research Center

Peter Dinda – Northwestern University

Rolf Drechsler – University of Bremen

Stephanie Forrest – University of New Mexico

Henry Fuchs – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Pascale Fung – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Patrick Girard – LIRMM (Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics of Montpellier)

Manimaran Govindarasu – Iowa State University

S. Gunasekaran – AFRL/RIEA

Dan Gusfield – University of California at Davis

Dan Halperin – Tel Aviv University

Constance Heitmeyer – Naval Research Laboratory

Abdelsalam (Sumi) Helal – University of Florida

Joerg Henkel – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Jianying Hu – IBM

Ravishankar Iyer – Intel Corporation

Qiang Ji – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Hong Jiang – University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Anupam Joshi – University of Maryland Baltimore County

Christoforos Kozyrakis – Stanford University

David Kriegman – University of California, San Diego

Deepa Kundur – University of Toronto

Edmund Lam – University of Hong Kong

Steven Levitan – University of Pittsburgh

Keqin Li – State University of New York

Baochun Li – University of Toronto

Ling Liu – Georgia Institute of Technology

Cheng-Lin Liu – Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yunhao Liu – Tsinghua University

Wenjing Lou – Purdue University

Scott Mahlke – University of Michigan

Diana Marculescu – Carnegie Mellon University

Patrick McDaniel – Pennsylvania State University

Hong Mei – Peking University

Ethan Miller – University of California, Santa Cruz

Stefan Mozar – Dynexsys Pty Ltd.

Alexandru Nicolau – University of California, Irvine

Radha Poovendran – University of Washington

Rasheek Rifaat – Jacobs Canada, Inc.

Eric Rotenberg – North Carolina State University

Ponnuswamy Sadayappan – Ohio State University

Michael Shebanow – Samsung

Wonyong Sung – Seoul National University

James Truchard – National Instruments

Mahesh Viswanathan – IBM Corporation

Geoffrey Webb – Monash University

David Weiss – Iowa State University

Yuan Xie – Pennsylvania State University

Bulent Yener – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Wang Yi – Uppsala University

Moti Yung – Google, Inc.

Yin Zhang – University of Texas at Austin

Kun Zhou – Zhejiang University

Yuanyuan Zhou – University of California, San Diego

The Board of Directors confers the title of Fellow upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in IEEE-designated fields, who has made important individual contributions to one or more of those fields. For more information, visit

To view the full list of Computer Society Fellows, go to:

At the time the nomination is submitted, a nominee must:

• have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society;

• hold Senior Member or Life Senior Member grade at the time the nomination is submitted;

• have been a member in good standing in any grade for a period of five years or more preceding 1 January of the year of elevation.

The nominee cannot be a member of the IEEE Fellow Committee, an IEEE Society/Technical Council Fellow Evaluating Committee Chair, or a member of IEEE Society/Technical Council Fellow Evaluating Committees reviewing the nomination.

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