QCI stresses the importance of mold remediation in the prevention of allergies

Clearwater, Florida – molds are as dangerous as other allergens there are. They can cause severe allergic reactions known as anaphylactic shock.

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Clearwater, Florida – molds are as dangerous as other allergens there are. They can cause severe allergic reactions known as anaphylactic shock. A severe allergy can cause the airway passages to swell which could lead to difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. QCI stresses the importance of mold remediation so as to prevent the exacerbation of an existing allergy condition. By eliminating the source of mold growth, in this case moisture and humidity, mold remediation can also take effect. For that matter, have you’re your mold problems removed by QCIs team so Tampa Mold Remediation experts.

What causes molds to thrive in your household is the presence of moisture and humidity. In the case of moisture, it could be that you have existing leaks on your water pipelines, a blocked sewage or leaks on your roofs or it could be secondary to water damage after a flood. Proper cleaning of the entire household after a flood is important because if not done properly, certain part of your homes affected by flood may still have moisture left behind. Other than mold inspection, QCI also offers Water Damage Tampa services after flood. At times of calamities, it is always right to trust on the experts to makes sure that everything is done properly.
A person with an existing allergic reaction may exhibit allergic reaction signs and symptoms if they are exposed to an allergen in your home that can’t be seen. Note that mold, lurks in particular areas of your home that can’t be seen as they are hiding in your back walls, underneath the carpets, appliances and other fixtures of your home. Mold spores are spread through in the air. Continuous exposure to these mold spores will cause exacerbation of the asthma condition. Even those who don’t have asthma may eventually develop this form of allergic reaction to molds.
One common sign of an asthma attack is wheezing. Wheezing is really noticeable. It is type of breathing that sounded like a high-pitched whistle usually during inhalation. This is due to the constriction of the inflamed air passages. Wheezing is usually the first sign of asthma attack and should be taken seriously. When the person already experiences difficulty in of breathing, the wheezing disappears and the person falls in distress.
Another sign of asthma attack is cough. There are some sufferers of asthma who are most likely to exhibit cough rather than a wheeze. The coughing sign is usually induced by strenuous activity such as exercise or extremes of temperature, too hot or too cold. This is also the reason why most asthmatic tend to cough from midnight till dawn.
Tightness of the chest is another symptom an asthma attack. The chest tightness may sometimes be referred to as chest pain. The chest tightness is associated with the constriction of the inflamed airway, like the bronchus and the lungs. There is also the likelihood of bronchitis, an inflammation of the bronchus caused by infection. This is the last thing that a person with asthma would want. The inflammation of the bronchus will mostly lead to the exacerbation of the asthma attack. A severe asthma episode may cause respiratory distress.
An asthma attack could either be mild or severe. Signs of mild asthma attack may include shortness of breath during physical activity, or even in while talking and eating. Usually, children who are asthmatic take longer time to eat as they need pauses to gulp in air. You should be alarmed when a child is undergoing severe asthma attack as this could render the child breathless and unconscious.
QCI Inc. knows the importance of maintaining good health and they are more concerned with your family’s welfare. QCI Inc. underlines the importance of mold remediation and mold inspection. Reduce your family’s risk to develop allergic reactions such as asthma. QCI Inc. offers Tampa Mold Remediation services fumigation and disinfection. They also offer 24/7 mold water damage restoration upon request of clients.

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