Unraveled Great Awareness on Lease, Tenancy and House Rent Agreements, Clauses - by REMAX Gujarat

REMAX Gujarat exhibits clear insights on “Lease, Tenancy and Housing Rent Agreement - best tips for real estate professionals and landlords!

Online PR News – 18-December-2014 – Ahmedabad –   RE/MAX Gujarat shares valuable essentials on some property terms such as Lease, Tenancy, House Rent Agreement and relevant Clauses to better negotiate them. Really, a great necessity for real estate professionals and individuals to know and leverage it with all methods, required particularly to be secured.

  RE/MAX Gujarat conducts online training on various real estate topics every Wednesday. This week’s training (17th December 2014, Wednesday 11 am - 12 pm) was a clever knowledge distribution on “Rental Basics and Documentations”; conducted by the franchise development manager, Mr. Pranav Pandya.

  Training covered:

  Mainly explaining the term, a lease; sharing good information based on many factors like rental property location, basic tips on conducting lease clauses etc. - truly, acknowledging the landlords on what and how to do so!


Introducing the lease, tenancy and house rent contracts

Explaining necessary documentations

Primary steps included with lease getting into tenancy

Detailing the “Leave and License Agreement” with its advantages

  Most importantly, clarification on effective lease deed/leave and license agreement was provided. Much relevant confusions just got resolved. Leasing an agricultural land as with its complex nature was also a topic of discussion; mainly understood with owner-to-tenant point of view. Renting out properties that you have on mortgage, taking care of terms of agreement was a field focused on too.

  Termination Clauses

  Very in need in indeed to understand! Great discussions were held over most happening issues like an agreement termination and eviction. Utilization of notice periods and locking periods was well described.

  Important clauses like

  Lock in Clause
  Payment Clause
  Sub-letting Clause
  Guarantor Clause
  Maintenance/Association Charges Clause
  Wear and Tear Clause
  Security Deposit Clause
  Tax Liability Clause

  and many more were made quite clear!

  Pretty nice exposure, the training was indeed - something preciously unwrapped!