Blinds Online Unveils New Website Design

With the desire to increase user experience, Blinds Online made major changes to their website,

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Victoria – Blinds Online, one of the leading providers of window furnishings on the internet has unveiled the new design for their website,

The redesigning of the company’s website began in the second quarter of 2014. The company has decided to apply the changes primarily for regular customers and new users alike to have a much easier time navigating through the website and giving them an improved user experience.

From the words of Blinds Online’s Gillian Crosby on what made them decide to make changes for the website, ”We wanted to enhance the users’ experience and make the website more intuitive and easier to use. We constantly monitor our website and listen to our customers. If you don't constantly update your website, you will not continue to move with the fast-paced world of the internet.”

And when asked what the new website is going to provide that is different, he answered “We are also currently adding a fantastic new Design & Order section, where each step is shown with clear diagrams, so the customer knows exactly what they are ordering, which in turn minimises any questions that would have gone to our customer service team.”

True enough, major changes can be noticed in the new Blinds Online website. The most obvious change that users will notice is the lesser amount of time they need to spend on navigating through the pages. This is a result of the addition of visuals to the page layout, as well as the addition of filters for customers to select how they view the items and their prices, which noticeably made the website more user-friendly. In addition, since a high amount of the company’s customers use mobile devices, mobile and iPad versions of the website were also developed.

Blinds Online doesn’t stop there, though. When asked about their goals and plans for 2015, Gillian Crosby responded with “Concentrate on the visual side of the website. More animations for installations. More great photos of products, which will come from professional photo shoots. Also, customers will be able to view each fabric, as if they are viewing the product in person from window in a room.”

With this, existing customers and new visitors can both expect more exciting things, not only from Blinds Online website, but from the company itself and its products and services.