Junoon Adventure Launches The B2B Reseller Packages For Summer Himalayan Trek – JT2 Gaj Pass Trail

Leading adventure company in India announces its much awaited trek-the-Himalayas trip- the trek to JT2 Gaj Pass Trail for adventure tour operators and resellers

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Bhopal – In an event that will redefine the summer of 2015 for adventurers and trekking lovers across India, the leading Himalaya Trekking company in the country – Junoon Adventure as just announced the official launch of next year’s adventure trekking and camping program – the trek to JT2 Gaj Pass Trail. The company has invited tour operators and adventure companies from across the country to participate in the expedition and take up B2B reseller agencies for the same. For more information you can visit JunoonAdventure.in/himalayan-trekking-gaj-pass/.

When it comes to adventure and Himalaya trekking, Junoon Adventure has become one of the most trusted brands for people in India in the last decade. The company is well known for organising high end adventure trips in India and has an impeccable safety record to boast about as well.

“We are happy to invite the B2B resellers to hop on board the team and help India get an idea of the true beauty of the Himalayas. The JT2 Himalayan Adventure Tours are an annual expedition organised every summer in the mighty mountain ranges of our country. Your clients will get to experience the beauty and serenity of the Himalayas and get a taste of adventure in a safe and secure manner. There cannot be a better way to spend your summer vacations!” said Mr. Yog Chinmoy, director of Junoon Adventure and owner of JunoonAdventure.in.

The concept of this trek has been evolved along similar lines. JT2 or Junooni’s Trek to the Top is a much sought after adventure travel brand in India with many regular trekkers and adventure seekers joining the company on its trails every year. The trek destination is changed annually and therefore offers its followers with a new taste of the Himalayas on every trek.

If you wish to become a part of the JT2 Gaj Pass Trail reseller program or are looking to join this trek yourself, you simply need to get in touch with Junoon Adventure. All information about the Himalayan Adventure is available at JunoonAdventure.in/himalayan-trekking-gaj-pass/.

Junoon Adventure is one of the leading adventure organisation and trekking tour operator in India. Ever since it was established in 1999, the company has been providing a wide range of adventure tours and activities like Adventure Tours, Eco-Tours, Safaris, Camping, Corporate Pathshala, Seminars/Workshop & Outdoor Adventure and Trek the Himalayas expeditions. They now operate across 9 states and are amongst the most trusted adventure companies in the country.