P. Nutt Joins 2015 George Brothers Tour

P. Nutt joins the George Brothers for their 2015 tour.

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Harrison, AR – It’s official, the George Brothers have gone nuts. P. Nutt, former maintenance man at the George Brothers home base theater in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has finally landed a spot on the 2015 George Brothers Tour.

“He’s always on us to let him get on stage with us. He’d interrupt our shows at the theater back home, follow us on road shows, and we finally just decided to put him out there,” said Dawayne George, one of the brothers and owners of the George Brothers band. “He thinks he’s going to be a rock star, and he’s not going to quit until we give him a chance,” he added.

P. Nutt, janitor and avid guitar collector, has been mesmerized by the music business ever since was a young boy. “I’ve got what it takes. If the George Brothers would have listened to me 5 years ago, they’d be a lot farther ahead,” he says with confidence. “I’m gonna put this band on the map and make ‘em famous. They’ve been needing me for a long time.”

P. Nutt is quite the character with his painted jeans, vintage concert shirts, and silver rimmed tinted glasses, not to mention his complete confidence, lack of etiquette, and an interesting way with words. Randall George joked, “his guitar skills seem to be pretty sharp, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that’s sharp. We’re just going to try to have fun with it and hope the guys can back him without it becoming a total train wreck on stage. We told him he could play the last set only. We figure we can get the crowd partying enough that they’ll just kind of overlook him in the last set.” P. Nutt, however, has different plans.

“I kind of look at it as the George Brothers opening for me. I think that’s what this will really turn into anyway. Their shows need a little rock and roll in it, and I’m the man when it comes to rock and roll,” he beams.

No doubt, P. Nutt will have much to look forward to when touring with a well-known regional act like the George Brothers. With their debut album, the George Brothers scored a DISCovery Award from Music Row Magazine, appeared in Harley-Davidson’s Hog Tales magazine, and charted three singles. Their sophomore album will hit the shelves in the first quarter of 2015, and the word on the street is that P. Nutt will soon have a debut album as well. The George Brothers and P. Nutt will be touring all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado in 2015 with dates at Cherokee Casinos, Billy Bob’s Texas, and the Grizzly Rose.

To follow the George Brothers (and P. Nutt) on tour, you can find them online at www.georgebrothers.net, and on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube which are all linked on their website. For booking inquiries, contact Leslie Wright at 870-715-2867 or via email at leslie@georgebrothers.net.