scam Report Posting Unfairly Targets Biltmore Whos Who as Scam and Rip-Off

Report Posting Unfairly Targets Biltmore Whos Who as Scam and Rip-Off. The Biltmore Who's Who is apparantly a hard cover book that is a member directory providing biographies and contact information. A certificate of achievement acknowledges your membership.

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – Report Posting Unfairly Targets Biltmore Whos Who as Scam and Rip-Off

Biltmore Who's Who Introduces one of our Platinum Members Linda-Heinsen-Ligocky.

Linda-Heinsen-Ligocky is the proud owner of Tortuga Inn Bed and Breakfast and Portal Door Studios. She is committed to excellence in the Hospitality and Art Industries; she has also put in many years in the service within civic and industry related organizations.

Linda is a graduate from the University of Indiana and Ancilla College. After she graduated she decided to start her business. She puts much time and effort into her Bed and Breakfast. The Inn is in an Artistic retreat set along the Historic Tippecanoe River. Both Linda and her husband Gordon are both artists, they decided to open an Art Studio next to the Inn which provides visitors with an additional amenity when visiting.

Linda gives back to her community by volunteering time at the Tibetan Relief Fund and the Pulaski County Library. She is also a contributor to the local hospital. She is also is the Founder of the Pulaski County Art Association Board's Children's Art Contest. She has also been invited as an artist at the North Indiana Association Woman's Show and also at the Midwest Museum of Art.

She enjoys Drawing, Horseback-Riding and Cooking when she has leisure time to herself.

We are pleased to see that Linda has taken advantage of her opportunities that have turned into success. Biltmore Who's Who wishes Linda-Heinsen-Ligocky continued success in the future.

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