Herbal Papaya’s Super Papaya Juice Wellness Drink Makes a Big Splash with Smoothie Lovers

Herbal Papaya, a Wylie Texas company, will show their juice at Expo West in 2015. Herbal Papaya is dedicated to the health and wellness of its customers.

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Murphy – The papaya based supplement company is stretching their wings into the grocery category with their newest product. As they dive into the beverage industry full steam ahead they enter the ring with some big hitters in the beverage industry. This product has a niche, however, and boasts ingredients from the Amazon and has low sugar content. With the weight loss industry, obesity on the rise, and the soda industry being hit hard it’s nice to see a healthier alternative on the market. Smoothies will covet this juice as an ingredient this New Year. With green smoothies on the rise, smoothie shops popping up everywhere and even celebs joining the fun it’s easy to see companies trying to find where they fit in the smoothie lover’s world.

The long awaited juice was announced last year by Herbal Papaya and now it’s finally here! The big splash is that this juice contains not just papaya juice but papaya leaf extract. This product can be consumed on its’ own or put into any smoothie mix. This Kosher Certified juice already has a sponsor too! A UFC Woman’s Fighter, Roxanne Modafferi who has been tweeting about the juice since it came out this fall. She was quoted “I love my Herbal Papaya Juice!”

In March, Herbal Papaya plans on showing the juice at the Natural Products Expo West in 2015. Last year consumers and stores got to taste the sample batch but this year they get the real thing. The juice has Yellow papaya puree, Acai fruit extract, Mangosteen, Noni fruit, Pomegranate,
Beet, Bilberry fruit, Lycil woflberry fruit,
Nopal cactus, and Papaya leaf. Drinking your fruits and vegetables doesn’t sound so bad with this blend.

Dr. Unoma Okorafor was asked about this addition to their products and said “We are really excited about our Super Papaya Juice Wellness Drink and are happy with the consumer response. We wanted to make something that was nutritious but would also taste delicious. We also look forward to Expo West.” In this economy we will see more diversification in the food and beverage industry.