Introducing the ICONCOX high quality TR300 GPS tracker

As leader in the industry of the GPS trackers, Concox Information Technology Co. Ltd recently launches many newly products which has very high cost performance

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Shenzhen – China - As leader in the industry of the GPS trackers, Concox Information Technology Co. Ltd recently launches many newly products which has very high cost performance. Today, this article will introduce with clients their newly GPS tracking terminal named as the TR300.

TR300 is one kind of intelligent designed portable GPS positioning terminal which could be mainly used for vehicles, personnel tracking and other valuables things¡¯ tracking. Fro the perspective of technologies, the technical content for this device could be concluded into the combination of GSM, GPS, AGPS and other wireless communication network positioning technologies.

TR300 own the function of phone calling, SOS distress, electronic fences and manual fortification. The built-in 3D acceleration sensor could realize the vibration security, displacement alarm and intelligent power-saving. With the special platform, people could also use this device to realize remote management and monitoring for staffs, vehicles and other valuable objects.

The following information is about the main features of TR300 GPS tracking devices .

First, the combination of GPS, AGPS and LBS in this device could help to achieve the multiple positioning which let the positioning become faster and more accurate than before.
Second, the TR300 own the Real-time location tracking function and it could upload location point information very timely.

Thirdly, this device has the built-in 3D acceleration sensor which could help to achieve the vibration alarm and achieve intelligent power management.
Fourthly, it has three-color LED status display which could help people ready to understand the working status of the terminal at any time.

Fifth, the GPS signal detection should be another crucial feature of TR300 Personal GPS Tracker . This function helps to detect the GPS blinding areas.

Six, electronic fences of this terminal helps to achieve the result of border cross alarm.

Seventh, this device also has the normally functions which are phone call and SO. Therefore, the application of this GPS terminal becomes very convenient.
Eight, TR300 has Built-in MIC which could realize the remote listening to the live sound and dialogue with other people.

Nine, it has Built-in high capacity battery so people could use this device for very long standby time.

There are three operating mode selection, including the intelligent mode, GPS normally open mode and deep sleep mode. On the other hand, a variety of ways for positioning such as SMS, client terminal and platform queries let the application of TR300 become very widely.

Above information give people approximately features of the TR300 iconcox GPS tracker. People could only experience these high performance features during the actually using process. Now, please visit website to order your favorite GPS products.

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