Software Proposal Creator SWProposal Launches Version 2.0 With Best-In-Market Functionalities

SWProposal announces its updated version 2.0. with its best in market functionalities and here are few major positive facts of SWPP V.2.0

Online PR News – 19-December-2014 – Hawthorne, New York – SWProposal is excited to launch its “packed with performance” version 2.0. It was promised that the next version would bring a whole new experience in creating software development proposals and while working on this version, the audience can definitely sense that the team left no stone unturned.

Major positive facts continue to be a part of the software proposal creator like:

1. Breakdown of workscope table: This table enables the software development company and freelancers in the IT industry divide the project work into various stages, modules, tasks and subtasks. Thus, each task is well estimated and simultaneously labor for the tasks are defined. The same table lets the users define team structure and staff quantity in the same proposal.

These aspects let the client understand the potential progress of the software project. Operating the breakdown of workscope table is as easy as an excel spreadsheet with the exact same hotkeys.

2. Detailed automated project cost calculation: The earlier version provided cost calculating functions that were very useful and easy to operate. The new version provides that and more. Costing for the entire project can be arrived at by simply entering values into the respective spaces. Additional costs required for any special requirements can be stated separately. Users can also specify if the amounts include taxes or not among many other features.

3. Full sales automation through CRM module: The new version supports full sales automation right from the initial negotiation with client till successful contract signing. Users can set reminders for any meetings, conference calls etc. through an easy-to-operate user-interface.

4. Flexible file formats and personalized designs: This industry specific tool lets its users send the proposals in PDF as well as DOC files with attractive personalized designs.

New additions in version 2.0:
1. Define potential system architecture in the most interesting way: Version 2.0 brings a very unique, “never-seen-before” functionality to define the potential system architecture. This functionality would give a clear idea about the service vendor’s conceptualization for the system architecture.

2. Portfolio and references: User can in advance fill in all marketing information like company details, previous work samples, references and later can simply choose the sections that are to be added to the proposal.

3. Easy to follow tutorial for proposal creation: The team has added a step by step tutorial specifying dos, don’ts and other technical specifications regarding software development proposals.

4. Full customization on request: SWProposal covers logically all sections required in a software proposal creator. Yet, if a software development company or a freelancer in the IT industry requires any specifications, the portal provides full customization on request.

With new user interface and even more rich functionalities, this platform provides standard default titles for all proposal sections. If a user wishes, he can change them to customize his unique proposal. Also, he can add new sections and name them as he thinks fit.

Software project proposals happen to strike the first impression about a software development company or freelancer in the IT industry. SWProposal has developed this software proposal creator with a “will to go on”. Instead of investing substantial amount of time in arranging all details in order, software companies can choose to amaze their potential clients with version 2.0 of this portal. Know more about SWProposal by visiting