HealthTec Software Inc. Introduces Its Powerful Electronic Medical Records Software

HealthTec’s electronic medical records is highly customized to meet the demands and needs of both medical and nursing practice, with the integration of electronic Medical Records in the healthcare setting, clinical errors are greatly reduced, decreasing the chances of lawsuits.

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San Antonio, Texas – A software like no other, this is what HealthTec Software Inc. offers its customers. HealthTec’s Electronic Medical Records Software excels among other EMR software in the IT industry as it brings about usability and efficiency in the healthcare setting. The Electronic Medical Records system offered by HealthTec has navigational options that actually illustrates and bring into reality the ideal workflow of the healthcare system, in which the outdated paper-based medical records can’t give. It offers far more advanced method and tactics in the documentation and medical practice processes.

HealthTec’s Electronic Medical Records Software is made ready with key features that are compatible with the actual documentation of patient’s history taking and physical assessment during the physician-patient or nurse-patient-encounter. The EMR is fully integrated with facilities that recognize handwritten notes of different healthcare providers particularly the doctors, nurses and clinical clerks who are involved in the direct care and management of the patient’s disease or trauma condition. Glossaries of medical terminologies are also incorporated in the EMR system in which healthcare givers can access easily and use in their documentation.

“Our brilliant and expert IT engineers are committed to bringing end-to-end practice technology and associated facilities to our clients,” Said Vance Nelson, President of HealthTec Software Inc. We are interested in moving our client’s lives in a positive way by bringing their businesses up a notch through trustworthy and honest partnership with them. And for that matter, we see to it that we help our clients attain better financial status by maximizing the use of their abilities with the help of our products and services like the electronic medical records software.”

The electronic medical records software of HealthTec is also tailored with over a thousand accessible Specialized Text Templates that will assist the healthcare providers in their data entry irregardless of their specialty – internal medicine, surgical, pediatrics, obstetrics, and nursing practices and a lot more. The quick search and quick launch programs of the EMRs also allows the care providers to instantly track down the patient’s demographic data (name, age, sex and so on) instantly just by a simple click of the mouse or a tap of the stylus.
Documentation has always been and will always be a crucial part of the care providers’ role in the delivery of care. For that matter, any form of documentation, may it be nurses’ notes, doctor’s orders, progress notes, operative techniques, ER records, newborn IDs, TPR and IO monitoring and the likes should done accurately, legibly, specifically and in a realistic manner for the purpose of traceability and evaluation of the effectiveness of rendered care as well as to prevent the likelihood of lawsuits. With the integration of the electronic medical records software in the hospital setting, documentation is made less cumbersome and more comprehensive.

About HealthTec
Healthtec Software Inc. is a well established company based in San Antonio, Texas. Other than their HealthTec Fusion, they also offer services such as Electronic Medical Records, Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Software as well as other related services that will ameliorate the way the healthcare delivery system works.