Several Crucial positioning technologies for today's GPS tracker

Phone GPS tracker on is one kind of personal remote positioning device which is divided by GPS and GSM/GPRS modules.

Online PR News – 17-December-2014 – Shenzhen – China - Phone GPS tracker on is one kind of personal remote positioning device which is divided by GPS and GSM/GPRS modules. It is one kind of remote location equipment with smart size and high accuracy. On the basis of GPS satellites, this device will be available to provide client the accuracy location information such as longitude and latitude under the dynamic conditions.

The mobile phone positioning is one way to get location information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of mobile phone or end user through specific positioning technology. The positioned objects or human will be marked on the electronic map.

Theoretically, the positioning technologies could be mainly divided into two types. One is the traditional GPS positioning and another is based on the location of the mobile operator network base station. The first technology is to use the phone¡¯s GPS positioning module to send the related signal to locate base to achieve the realization of mobile positioning. The mobile network base situation is to determine the location of positioned people or objects by the distance between their mobile phone and the network base. The latter one does not require phone has GPS positioning capability but the accuracy of this has large dependent on the distribution and size of the network base station coverage. Sometimes, the error can be more than one kilometer.

As the introduction from GPS tracking devices supplier, the latest mobile phone positioning technology is AGPS which is also called the Assisted GPS which uses information from the network base stations to assist GPS positioning module to achieve the positioning function. The main improvement of this technology lies to following tips.

First, if there is no GPS signal indoors, the use of the base station will help to provide location information and then narrow positioning blind.

Secondly, compared with the pure and pure GPS or base station location, AGPS owns higher accuracy and can be accurate to 10 m.

When the GPS module starts the phase of satellite searching, it could determine the location of the phone through the approximate location of the network base station. Through the satellite ephemeris map that stored in the phone, the AGPS can quickly search satellite and the time consuming for this phase could be reduced from 2 to 3 minutes, to 10 seconds or so. This is very good improvement for these people who need the quickly GPS locating function.

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