A superfast charger SMART-COZY satisfies customers highly by cutting smartphone charging time

An extremely fast smartphone charger has been recently released by an innovative company in South Korea.

Online PR News – 17-December-2014 – Seoul/South Korea – Mobile device chargers are still lagged behind even if all the current innovative technologies make their way rapidly into smartphones. So, people still use mobile phone charging services given by some places such as convenience store while being out of home or offices where their mobile phone chargers are usually located.

Unitech21 (http://www.unitech21.com), one of leading mobile phone charger providers in Korea, introduces an ultrahigh-speed smartphone charger named Smart-COZY for stores providing mobile phone charging services.
With a simple plug and charge, Smart-COZY provides users in the stores with the real worry-free mobile life with a highly rapid charging time, great ease and convenience for their smartphones. In addition to its excellent features, this charger also stands out for its premium finishing and LED display for indicating power on/off, battery capacity, charging time and process, and etc.

“In addition to its astonishingly high-speed charging time, one of remarkable features for Smart-COZY is to charge up to two batteries and 2 iPhones simultaneously as well as being placed in an easy way or even wall-hanging, which it can be placed even in a small space in the stores of which owners can expect a new but most cost-effective revenue increase with Smart-COZY,” says a marketing manager of Unitech21.

Unitech21 has specialized in developing and providing mobile phone peripherals including mobile phone charger, sterilizer, and cradle since its establishment in 1999.
Learn more information at www.unitech21.com or send e-mail at ut3366@naver.com