Practice Management Made More Effective With HealthTec’s Medical Billing Software

With the integration of the medical billing software in the medical practice, quality patient care is guaranteed as more time is spent in patient care compared to paper works.

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

San Antonio, Texas - Now, the day-to-day operations of a medical practice such as scheduling of patient appointments, generation of reports, billing processing and filling-up of demographs of new patients and monitoring of insurance payers are now are made effective with the integration of the Medical Billing Software in the management of medical practice.
Usually connected to the EMR, the medical billing software only handles administrative and financial matters of the patient’ medical records. It provides an analysis report of the medical practice that will steer and notify the medical practitioner with information pertaining to the source of revenue such as implemented tasks, amount of payments received, and modified accounts made in the entire day, month or a year of medical practice. In cases where the medical practice is dependent on patient referrals, the medical billing software will direct the practitioner to the mentioned revenue sources saving much time during office hours.

With HealthTec Software Inc.’s Medical Billing Software and EMR working hand in hand, patient referrals and scheduling of patient appointments are now made flexible that will benefit both the medical practitioner and the patient. The medical billing software of Healthtec Fusion comes with a recall system that prompts the medical practitioner and the patient of scheduled visits especially at times when series of medical check-ups are required; this will ensure that scheduled appointments will not be taken forgranted and prevent clinic visit backlogs. It is also made with a user-defined screen that will allow the patient to track down important data and like schedules of vaccine shots and prescribed medications. “Our Medical Billing Software provides fast, easily accessed and fully-customizable reporting applications,” said Vance Nelson, President of HealthTec software. “We ensure to provide our clients with the most comprehensive software that’s innovated and designed to meet all of their practice management requirements,” Vance added.

“Our client’s patients’ security is one of our main concerns at HealthTec. This is why our engineers have designed the
medical billing software to be highly secured so as to prevent unauthorized access to the crucial information pertaining to the patient’s medical records,” Vance Nelson continued. All of the information pertaining to medical billing and patient records are secured in HealthTec Software Inc.’s medical billing software. HealthTec complies with the standards of HIPAA in securing the confidentiality of patient’s file.

HealthTec Fusion, HealthTec’s state of the art technology which includes medical billing, EMR and practice management rolled into one easy to use, full-featured solution package for medical practice and medical billing services. Large enterprise organizations like health insurance companies who handle patients’ billings can also benefit with HealthTec’s medical billing software. The software comes with and audit report where in office managers have the liberty to review all of the deleted or modified billing data.
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HealthTec Software Inc. is a well-established company formed in 1999 that is more focused in developing success and long-lasing relationships with their clients and employees. HealthTec continues to update their technology and aims to prevail as the leading provider of medical practice, medical billing and medical records solutions.