bodySCULPT® Providing Customized Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

bodySCULPT®, a leading plastic surgery center in Manhattan, NYC, is providing Brazilian butt lift surgery to meet each patient’s specific goals.

Online PR News – 17-December-2014 – New York City – Every woman wants a beautiful, rounded derriere and bodySCULPT® is offering the solution with Brazilian butt augmentation. The surgeons at this Manhattan based surgical practice are experts in using the fat transfer technique to enhance the buttocks, avoiding the use of implants.

The Brazilian butt lift is designed to tighten, lift and augment the buttocks using the patient’s own fat. Women with surplus fat in other body areas such as abdomen, flanks, back and hips are the ideal candidates for this minimally invasive surgery. After fat is harvested from these areas via liposuction, it is processed, purified and then injected into strategic areas of the buttocks so as to offer the highest permanent absorption rate for enhanced volume. As the candidate’s own body fat is used, chances of rejection are reduced.

Efficiency is improved with the use of the TouchView Ultrasound Transducer. This diagnostic imaging system allows the surgeon to view and inspect the muscle layer images and soft tissues. The high quality imaging ability of this innovative technology helps in the surgeon in evaluating the fatty tissue and muscle layers and also deciding where to place the fat for optimal results. It also helps detect potential complications, allowing the surgeon to take suitable safety precautions.

The benefits of buttock augmentation at bodySCULPT® are

• Improved, firmer buttocks
• More natural looking and longer lasting results
• Avoids the risks associated with implants
• Minimal side effects and fast recovery
• Minimal scarring and discomfort
• Improved contour in the donor site
• Lower risk of infection and complications

Each patient is carefully evaluated by the plastic surgeon to ensure customized buttock enhancement solutions. They employ the VECTRA® 3-D Imaging System which helps patients to view the changes even before the procedure, which helps them take a confident decision. Patients who live outside New York can opt for a virtual consultation service to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift before their in-person consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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A leading plastic surgery group based in New York, bodySCULPT® offers several cosmetic surgery solutions for both men and women. Advanced techniques are employed to assure safety and efficiency.

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