HealthTec Software Inc.’S HealthTec Fusion Shines As It Combines The Foremost Standards Of EMR

HealthTec Software Inc.'s EMR integrated in Health Tec’s fusion is designed to meet the increasing demand of medical and nursing practice.

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

San Antonio, Texas – HealthTec Software Inc. stands out as the leading electronic medical records software provider as it incorporates usability, interoperability and confidentiality in its HealthTec Fusion EMR. HealthTec Software Inc.’s EMR is fully functional offering integrated systems that are able to meet the demands of their client’s practice as well as illustratively simulate the actual healthcare delivery system set-up and workflow.

The HealthTec Fusion EMR innovated by HealthTec Software Inc. is designed to answer the demands of the healthcare system. Seamlessly combining all three core standards of EMR in one ground breaking software, HealthTec Software Inc. is able to mimic every single detail of the real-world workflow of the healthcare system except for one thing – encumbrance of the outdated traditional medical records.

With EMR made usable and fully operational to almost everyone who is involved in the care of the patient, healthcare is delivered with utmost precision and efficacy. Compared to the traditional paper-based medical records, EMR is less time consuming, understandable and user friendly. With EMR, more time is spent in the healthcare decision making process and patient care rather than paper works compared to the traditional healthcare flow.

Interoperability is another standard integrated in HealthTec’s electronic medical records . Primary care givers coordination is crucial in the efficacy of healthcare delivery. It avoids the common errors made by the primary caregivers such as redundancy and miscommunication of rendered care. A healthcare system that has well-coordinated care providers is a system that’s fully functional and is able to meet their client’s healthcare demands.

Confidentiality is another standard that HealthTec safeguards. “Our main concern is the welfare of our client’s patients. At HealthTec Software Inc, we make certain that we meet their needs for safety and confidentiality,” said Andre Fidellow, Vice President of HealthTec Software Inc. HealthTec Software Inc. is HIPAA compliant and does not disclose any information pertaining to their client’s patients’ medical records. “We believe that we can gain our client’s trust by providing them with premium quality of services,” added Fidellow.
“We are maximizing the benefits that our clients receive from availing our technology by providing them with a powerful
EMR system and quality products and services that evolves their practice requirements,” said Mike Kripner, Director of Sales and Business Development of HealthTec Software Inc. “We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our products and that they get what they pay for,” Mike added.

About HealthTec Software, Inc.
HealthTec Software Inc. is the innovator and brains of HIPAA compliant end-to-end health care solutions, designed to replace the traditional workflow of the healthcare delivery systems. HealthTec offers a wide array of flexible, comprehensive and highly customizable products and servers that evolves with the clients’ practices over time. HealthTec’s goal is to fully automate the way healthcare is rendered to make certain that quality patient care services received.


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