Rebekah Miskin Stars in the Upcoming Film “Records for Magnolia”

Staking her claim as one of the film industry’s most talented actresses, Rebekah Miskin will star as Magnolia in the film “Records for Magnolia.”

Online PR News – 17-December-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Multi-talented Canadian actress Rebekah Miskin from the films “Reviving Ophelia,” “Pooka” and “A Subsequent Life” is slated to star in the upcoming film “Records for Magnolia.”

Although the film is currently in the beginning phases of production and has yet to announce any extended cast, Rebekah Miskin has already been solidified as the actress who will be playing the dynamic leading role of Maggie in the film.

Scheduled to begin principal photography in 2015 “Records for Magnolia” will be the extended feature length version of the short film “Records for Maggie,” which was released to critical acclaim earlier this year and starred Miskin in the role of Maggie.

Records For Magnolia is a funny, frank and honest look at life through the eyes of 22 yr. old Maggie Stein. Inspired by a true story, “Records For Magnolia” is a film about a young woman whose life is falling apart at the seams, and that’s all before her father dies. All that’s left of Maggie’s Dad in the wake of his sudden death is the world-renowned record shop he owned for 27 years. Maggie is an extraordinary girl in brutal circumstances and she’s stuck: How will she negotiate the loss of her beloved father and pull herself out of the abyss of mediocrity that is her life, all at the same time? This coming of age dark comedy has been described as a cross between “High Fidelity,” & “When Harry Met Sally.”

“Maggie’s story explores the journey of so many young women who need to figure out who they are and where they fit while overcoming a huge loss in their life. She must learn to re-discover herself, and find her way like everybody else- despite the pain of her loss” explained Rebekah Miskin.


“Learning how to understand those hard life lessons, and fight to turn them into something positive is the touchstone of this story” said Miskin

In the film “Records for Maggie,” which was directed by Sara Basso, Rebekah Miskin displayed her incredible emotional capacity and range as an actress. Miskin co-starred alongside Andy McQueen from “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B,” “Pretend We’re Kissing,” “Warehouse 13” and “The Bridge.”

“The short version received incredible praise and audiences wanted more, also the core story was always bigger than the short could properly convey which is why the feature came to be,” explained Miskin. I’m really excited about the feature because audiences will get a chance to see a more dynamic side of Maggie, and they’ll have more of an opportunity to connect with her as she fights to find her way again.”

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Rebekah Miskin is far from a new comer in the Canadian entertainment industry, in fact, she has been acting since age 14. Earlier on in her career Miskin played the critical role of Lainie in the Lifetime Original film “Reviving Ophelia.” Nominated for two Gemini Awards, “Reviving Ophelia” was directed by award-winning director Bobby Roth. Roth has directed over 71 titles over the course of his career and is best known for directing the hit television shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Vanished,” “Lost” and many more.

A traumatic film about Elizabeth, a high school girl trapped in an abusive relationship, “Reviving Ophelia” brings to light issues of battered woman syndrome and adolescent identity, and begs the question of what one should and should not accept in a relationship. Through Miskin’s character, Elizabeth’s best friend, audiences see the dangers that arise when young women share a skewed image of love and the way this dynamic can reinforce the validity of an abusive relationship as being normal.

“Without knowing it, my character misconstrues the abuse of her friend’s boyfriend as a form of love and protection,” explained Miskin. “I think this was a really important role because domestic abuse is so common, and so few women and men feel that they can reach out in situations like this.”

In the film Miskin co-stars alongside three-time Golden Globe nominated actress Jane Kaczmarek from the hit show “Malcom in the Middle,” and Kim Dickens from “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Blindside,” “Lost” and “Thank You For Smoking.”

In addition to filming “Records for Maggie” and beginning production on the feature “Records for Magnolia” earlier this year, Rebekah Miskin also starred in an episode of the award-winning series “Mayday,” and is set to begin filming the second season of “Long Story, Short.” Miskin stars alongside the show’s creator Katie Boland in the quirky series “Long Story, Short” which is currently airing on Hulu.

"Rebekah is a dedicated and hardworking actress who truly puts her all into every role. She is beautiful and magnificent on screen and I am not only lucky that she's been my scene partner, but also my friend," said Katie Boland.

A supremely talented and versatile actress, Rebekah Miskin clearly has a long creative career ahead of her.