Longevity genes & performance enhancing supplements. The new area of “epigenetic nutraceuticals”

DNAvital introduces molecules modulating the transcription of key genes involved in the aging process to anti-aging & health centers.

Online PR News – 17-December-2014 – London – Find Longevity & Performance within Your DNA

December 2014: DNA Vital Launches Collaborations With Anti-Aging Practices

Novel Supplements: Activating “Longevity Genes”
300 years Before JC, Hippocrates, the father of Medicine wrote “Let food be thy medicine”; over 2300 years after, Dr. de Felice coined the term nutraceutical, which defines supplements with known effects on health. Today DNAvital is pioneering in a new dimension of nutraceuticals that not only look at the action of natural molecules on health but also at underlying parameters such as chemical reactions in the body as well as their action on your DNA. Our formulations are based upon the ability of natural molecules to activate genes and biochemical pathways related to life extension, disease prevention, physical performance, cognitive enhancement, libido and general wellbeing.

“Activating Longevity Genes and Beyond”
Some nutraceuticals have the ability to interact with DNA and modulate gene expression by either enhancing or repressing gene transcription, hence specific proteins abundance, which can influence the quality of crucial physiological processes. This effect is called epigenetic; it does not change your DNA but the way it works. The pioneering concept of “epigenetic nutraceuticals” is processed further as molecules are also selected upon strong statistical correlations with health-optimizing effects. Some nutraceuticals have been shown to have genuine anti-aging potential, wherein multiple scientific studies have illustrated a statistically significant capacity to decrease or reverse age-related physiological changes and increase survival rates in human suffering from age-related pathologies, while extending lifespan in animals.

Strong Science
We employ innovative tools, including exclusive softwares to browse through hundreds of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications, as well as sophisticated algorithms to help us process large amounts of information that correlate specific molecules (mostly found in plant extracts) to significant life-extension or improvement in longevity related parameters. Synergetic interactions are evaluated through similar processes.

All In One Products: Efficient, Practical And Safe
Our flagship formula, Cutting Age™, consists of pills containing molecules activating caloric restriction-like cellular behavior (which added up to 59% life expectancy on animal model), others supporting mitochondrial metabolism, enhancing regeneration through stem cells division stimulation or maintaining telomeres length, while reducing oxidative stress. Acting from the inside, some also produce visible effects; boosting skin collagen and hyaluronic acid production (up to 44% increase) towards wrinkle reduction. We developed a complementary product for physical enhancement: “High Performance”, a powder in sachets including ingredients working as ATP buffers, neurostimulants and hormonal boosters; this formula contains natural anabolic enhancer effect and is ideal for lean body mass gain as well as increased muscle strength and endurance (strength was increased up to 15% with one of the ingredients alone). The completeness and quality of the products allows customers to avoid taking dozens of different supplements, but offers the same positive effects. Our solution is a safe alternative to expensive time-consuming self-assembled supplement cocktails that are likely to disregard potential interactions and redundancies between ingredients, resulting in inadequate mixes and possible excessive intake of substances.

A Multidisciplinary Team
DNA Vital has gathered a solid team of specialists in Aging Genetics, Gerontology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacology and Artificial Intelligence. Our team’s unique skill set is ideal for collecting, classifying, interpreting, and optimizing a new generation of statistically supported anti-aging product.

Relationship with Anti-Aging & Health Centers
At the cutting age of science, DNAvital is initializing collaborations with several health organizations, offering a novel complementary nutraceutical support to numerous approaches from fitness and nutrition to anti-aging practices.

Performance, Prevention & Longevity
In the last few decades, the power of modern science has offered new insight into our DNA. DNAvital applies this knowledge in the new field of nutraceuticals reducing the gap between food and drugs, towards formulas including harmless but efficient natural molecules acting at a cellular level towards a measurable effect to bolster physical enhancement, disease prevention and life extension.