The Hottest and Sensational Flaming Greek Cooking Show Is Now On FoodyTV

The Greek appears on FoodyTV on prime time entry, "The Flaming Greek Cooking Show", with his sexy co-host "Kami" who adds beauty and laughter to the set.

Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – Los Angels, NY – For Immediate Release:

New York, USA, December 16, 2014: Cooking is a pleasure for some while a headache for others. Cooking shows are one of the most favorite shows on television presently. They have turned the headache into a fascination. The most popular and cooking sensational Chris Kryiakydes, commonly known as “The Flaming Greek” has mixed his two loves, food and flame, to present you a completely new style of cooking. By combing his Greek traditions with a blowtorch The Flaming Greek sets a new meaning to cooking and enjoyment. Due to the hectic life style he was constantly on a hurry and consuming fast food is not a healthy solution. The use of a blowtorch in the kitchen came to exist when The Flaming Greek was trying to live a healthier way of life and found out how much time it would normally take to cook a healthy meal. We are always amazed to see "The Greek" cooking with a blowtorch. It shows us a new and interesting way to cook and entertain.

The Greek appears on FoodyTV ( on prime time entry, “The Flaming Greek Cooking Show”, with his sexy co-host "Kami" who brings beauty and laughter to the set. Cooking is the passion of “The Greek” and he gets great satisfaction from seeing instant pleasure on people’s faces. He loves to get the kids involved in the kitchen and have lot of fun with them. By using his blowtorch he is able to cook anything within just 3 minutes, making it very simple and amusing to eat healthy. After creating this method of cooking he decided to share it with the world, starting his own cooking show called The Flaming Greek. This cooking show is one of the hottest cooking shows in the USA right now. It features traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a new sparkle that adds special enjoyment to the conventional way of cooking.

After getting a massive hit in the last season of the show, they are now filming the second season for January 2015. People of all age groups will love this untraditional cooking show that will surely stimulate your appetite and amuse you. Providing viewers with not only an interesting cooking show but with a wow factor that only Chris Kryiakydes can create. The show gives Greek recipes for viewers to make at home, obviously without the torch. The Flaming Greek is airing on FoodyTV 5 days a week, where his cooking episodes, interviews, and easy to made recipes can be watched.

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