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Cyper Host Pro is the leading expert in the field of web hosting with services such as dedicated servers, domain name registration and even reseller hosting.

Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – UK – Liverpool, UK: The revolutionary virtual world has made it necessary to have the best servers and web hosts. Cyber Host Pro is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of website hosting services UK. They have everything that one would need to host a website or multiple website. This includes providing cloud back up and dedicated servers to website owners and businesses wanting to make an online impression. The internet has become the place where the whole world comes together. This has blurred the borders not only for communication but business and trade as well. Website owners have found a new way to promote whatever it is they would like to promote be it a business, service or even a blog. There are infinite possibilities for anyone wanting to grab the virtual spotlight. As easy as it gets it could also be difficult if one uses all the wrong or inadequate resources.

Cyber Host Pro is the right place to look for all of one’s technical and server needs. The experts at Cyber Host Pro also provide recommendations for the right service. They have deep knowledge about all the technical aspects of owning a website and running it on the right server. One of the basic services they provide is free UK domain transfers. Some providers charge their customers for transferring their domains to .UK but not Cyber Host Pro. They offer these services for free. They also charge the lowest and most competitive prices for transferring to .com or .net domains which also includes a year of extended renewal. They also provide discounts on the additional registration for transferring to them for more than 2 years. Customers can secure their domains with just one click. They have an automated system for registration. Customers can instantly start using their domains and also be provided the best hosting service from CHP.

CHP also provides UK VPS hosting services. VPS which means virtual private servers runs a copy of any operating system chosen by the website owner. They provide almost identical service to that of a dedicated server yet on a much lower price. Being defined by software it is also much easier to configure a VPS. The performance depends on the hardware node. But at CHP they have auto heal technology which detects low performance and helps boot the network on another available node. The data on the cloud server is also replicated live to 2 different storage devices so that website owners can be assured of no data loss if a data drive gets corrupted. It will even sync automatically once the drive is replaced. This makes CHP the best virtual server hosting UK.