Rent Vs Buying a Business Phone System

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Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – Parramatta NSW – For a small business, using a phone system is often the defining factor in being recognised as a serious contender in your field (as distinct from a guy with a website and a mobile phone). If your business has more than 4 staff, using a business phone system is going to steamline your communications and offer your business many features to assist your customer service efforts.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a business phone system, besides working out which model best suits your requirements, the next step is deciding how you will finance it.

We’ve put together some key considerations in deciding whether you should rent or buy your business phone system.

Capex vs opex
If you pay outright for the phone system, it will appear as a capital expense on your balance sheet, if you rent it will be an operating expense. The main differences are the impacts that the purchase may have on the cashflow for the business (if purchased outright). Operating rental agreements generally do not require balance sheet disclosure, and hence will not affect the financial gearing of the company. In addition, it will have a marginal impact on the return on assets managed ratio. You can also structure financing payments to accommodate budgetary and cost constraints.

High technology equipment quickly becomes outmoded and obsolete. Renting this type of equipment offers a low entry-level cost. Renting further provides the freedom to upgrade or change equipment when the need arises.Agreements can be structured to best suit institutional requirements in terms of repayment periods and repayment structures. Contract periods can further be tailored to suit the useful life of user groups, asset types or individual pieces of equipment. You should consider speaking with your supplier as to whether you will own the business phone system outright at the end of the rental period.

Improved customer service and retention
Every business aims to deliver high-quality customer service and these systems help you do just that – in every way your clients are handled professionally. Features such as caller-ID, auto-attendant, call transfer and conferencing mean that your business communication needs with your clients and business partners will be easier, more efficient or more welcoming.

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