Blackjack with Comrades

‘Blackjack with Comrades’ is Available on App Store, Google Play Store and Facebook Canvas
The word’s first asynchronous, turn-based multiplayer blackjack game

Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – San Francisco – Available today, ‘Blackjack with Comrades’ enables casual and hardcore players alike to play against each other across desktop and mobile in the world’s most widely played casino banking card game - Blackjack (also known as 21). In an innovative way, Blackjack with Comrades applies an asynchronous turn-based gaming framework to Blackjack, a traditionally single player game. This framework which has been popularized by games like ‘Stampede Run with Friends’ and ‘Dice with Buddies’ had never been extended to mobile casino gaming before today!
Players begin a game by inviting “comrades” via Facebook, email or SMS...or they can matchup against a random comrade or play against a recently challenged comrade. Each game consists of 5 rounds. Within each round each player starts with 100 chips and has 3 hands to earn as many chips as possible against the dealer. At the end of each round, each player’s score is totaled and the other player then takes his/her turn. At the end of 5 rounds, the cumulative score of each player is totaled and the player with the most chips overall is designated the winner!
During the course of a round, players also have the option of using a “New Card” powerup. This is a unique feature of Blackjack with Comrades that you also won’t see anywhere else. The “New Card” powerup replaces the last card dealt after the player has taken action and is perfect for use with an ineffective Double or a Hit resulting in a bust. Using this powerup wisely correlates heavily with determining the winner/loser of a game.
Also, due to the back and forth nature of the game, a lot of strategy is involved in betting. Betting strategy can often change from round to round as the other player’s current score is revealed. So while it might make sense to bet aggressively in the first few rounds, the last couple rounds may warrant a more conservative approach.
Blackjack with Comrades is a free to play app with in-app purchases, available on Apple AppStore, Google Play Store and Facebook Canvas. Right now it is only localized in English but it is available worldwide! The mobile app requires iOS 6.0+ OR Android 4.0+ to play and is currently only available on your phone (tablet version coming soon).
Please visit our web site for more Blackjack with Comrades info, gameplay rules, basic strategy charts and app screenshots.
Blackjack with Comrades was developed by Apps-O-Rama, a web and mobile development studio founded in 2007 and makers of the world’s #1 Birthday Card app for Facebook and mobile.