MagicBox Dev Invc Launching An App That Turns A Mobile Phone Into A Body Massager

MagicBox Dev Invc offers a free app to download that provides several varieties of massage therapy. The mini-massage helps to improve relaxation

Online PR News – 15-December-2014 – San Jose, CA – MagicBox Dev Invc is pleased to announce that the company has launched a new android application known as the Body Massager Pro. The Android-based application changes an ordinary mobile phone into a vibration massage tool. Users can massage themselves or anyone else. Massages are physically relaxing and promote better health. The brand new body massager application can relax tight muscles quickly and easily.

The Body Massager Pro is also known as vibratory massage, vibration therapy, and vibra-massage. The process is a type of massage, which utilizes mechanical devices for vibration therapy. The technique passes the vibration from the mobile device to the surface of the body where the massage is needed.

The new application has a total of ten or more unique massage patterns available. Fast or slow, pulsing or continuous, massage therapy is proven to increase circulation. As the blood flow increases, more oxygenation is provided to the muscle fibers and connective tissue.

By carrying a phone that has a massage app installed, the user can obtain a relaxing massage without the need to visit a spa or massage parlor. Spending just a few minutes with the phone will relieve muscles in spasm and alleviate pain in the neck and shoulders.

In 1867, a Russian physician and inventor Gustav Zander developed a number of machines that created a sense of vibration. The reason behind the vibration machines was to give people a therapeutic massage. In 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg seen the benefits of the machines and included the use of vibration therapy into the services that he offered his patients. He claimed after developing a vibrating chair; that vibration therapy was good for circulation.

Now, vibration therapy is being used all over the world to help improve a person’s health as well as helping to reduce stress and allow a person to relax.

Possible Health Benefits

People who treat patients with vibration therapy have said the technique brings many different health benefits, which include:

- improving bone density
- increasing muscle mass
- improving circulation
- reducing joint pain
- reducing back pain
- alleviating stress
- boosting metabolism

Due to the popularity of the technique, and due to more people finding themselves being overworked and suffering from stress have bought a vibrating machine. However, a vibrating machine can be expensive and beyond the average person’s affordability. Now thanks to the Body Massager Pro, everyone with a mobile phone can now experience the benefits of vibration therapy by downloading the app and turning their phone into an important stress relief tool.

Downloading the app is simple and convenient. There is no cost for the app. Downloads can be done by going to the link at today.

About The Body Massager Pro

The Body Massager Pro is an app that can be downloaded to the phone and turn it into a massager without worrying about the cost of a big vibrating machine.

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