THE Design Team At Kef Tech Are Proud To Release Their Latest Electric Skateboard

the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard. This new product is the culmination of 11 years of experience designing and building electric skateboards.

Online PR News – 14-December-2014 – Camas, WA, USA – The goals of this new design were to improve the aesthetics, increase performance, improve reliability, reduce the weight, and increase the portability of the product.

As more competitors enter the electric skateboard market, styling has become a critical factor in making an appealing product. To this end, the Metroboard uses a slim battery pack (just 22 mm thick), housed in a sleek brushed aluminum battery box. This not only makes the product look more streamlined, but also makes it easier to carry due to the weight being evenly distributed along the length of the deck, and easier to wrap your arm around the board while carrying due to the low profile battery box. The Metroboard Slim Battery offers up to a 20 mile range, making it the longest range electric skateboard on the Market.

Another big change in the Metroboard Slim is the use of a high power/high efficiency Brushless Outrunner Motor rated for up to 3000 Watts peak power. This compact motor is just 63 mm in diameter and 74 mm long and weighs just 1.8 lbs (3 lbs less than a conventional motor of similar power), and yet packs a ton of torque, making for thrilling accelerations, and rapid hill climbing.

The Metrboard Slim also features two high power 1 Watt White LEDs in the front and two Red LEDs in the rear, built into translucent riser pads. These lights not only make for a cool visual effect at night, but are also bright enough to serve as a headlight increasing safety while riding at night.

The brushless motor controller was redesigned in-house from the ground up and is proudly made in the USA. The goal was to make a high performance high reliability motor controller that could withstand the harsh environment (vibrations, impact, electrical surges) that an electric skateboard is exposed to on a daily basis. The motor controller is usually the first thing that fails on an electric skateboard, so our goal in this new design is to reverse that trend!

The deck used on the Metroboard Slim is the beautifully handcrafted 40” long HoneySkateboards Velocity V2. This deck features natural wood pin-striping and a clear spray on grip, showcasing the wood’s natural beauty. Its 10” width across the entire length of the riding platform, makes for a super maneuverable carving machine.

The Metroboard Slim turns on a dime thanks to the use of the well-respected Caliber II 50° Reverse Kingpin Trucks. These beautifully sculpted trucks, are stable at high speeds, but offer excellent maneuverability for responsive carving and turning.

The Metroboard Slim is available with two wheels options, 83 mm and 97 mm. Both wheels use high quality, high rebound (over 80%) urethane making for a super smooth shock absorbing ride. The 83 mm wheels are lighter and are better for carving, but the 97 mm wheels are better for transportation giving you more versatility over what you can ride.

All of the above make for a very exciting new product that is guaranteed to please, and takes the Metroboard Electric Skateboard to a whole new level of fun and styling!

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