Restaurant Charges $1 with an Ice Cube in your Drink

A New Restaurant in Washington is charging an extra dollar to enjoy a large clear ice cube in a cocktail.

Online PR News – 15-December-2014 – Salisbury/New Brunswick – A restaurant called Second State in Washington, D.C has determined the value of a clear ice cube to be a dollar each, at least that is what you will pay to have a 2 inch artisan clear ice cube in your cocktail. Bar manager Phil Clark says the extra cost is worth it. "When it goes into a cocktail, it's crystal clear," he says. "It's purified water, so there's no minerally taste." This artisan ice does not come out of a standard commercial ice machine but instead is hand cut and supplied by the Favourite Ice Company.

The increased demand for specialized cocktail ice is what motivated Joseph Ambrose and Owen Thomson to start their artisan ice company, Favourite Ice. They hand cut three hundred pound slabs of clear ice into two inch cubes for use in cocktails and charge their customers 50 to 70 cents a cube.

Second State is not the first restaurant to embrace artisan ice for their cocktails but are the first to surcharge their customers for using it. Half Step in Austin specializes in artisan ice making and Rye Bar in Washington DC has even done a "thorough investigation into the best bottled water for its two-inch ice spears," according to the Washington City Paper.

Clear ice is more aesthetically pleasing than their cloudy counterparts. Part of the appeal of the artisan ice is that it is dense and clear, so it melts slower and won't water down drinks as quickly. Creating larger blocks that fit the glass, rather than lots of smaller cubes, means less ice surface area and less dilution. They also lack a mineral taste because the water used is filtered.

The trend for specialty ice is not limited to bars and restaurants. There is an increasing demand for the ability to make cocktail cubes at home as well. Large two inch ice cubes can be made using the Acuisina King Sized Ice Trays available on Amazon These jumbo cubes provide the same slow melting effect that is offered by the hand cut artisan ice. Water can be purified at home with a filter pitcher, with a filtration system attached to the water supply or purchased in bottles to make cubes more clear and taste less like minerals.