Whitehats launches a unique way to advertise brand via Wifi


Online PR News – 15-December-2014 – Dubai – Whitehats has launched a most unique and innovative solution for advertisement in UAE by the name of Hotspot Solutions. Hotspot Solutions gives an opportunity to all major businesses in UAE to promote their brand and its products to their customers on a bare minimum cost. Hotspot Solutions from Whitehats is an advertising channel that will use mode of Wi-Fi connectivity for personal advertisement of companies. Hospitality based businesses (Hotels, Bars and Cafes), shopping malls, public areas, Metro, parks and exhibitions can all make use of this ingenious product for boosting their sales by generating more leads through visitors and shoppers.
Hotspot Solutions basically function with simple mechanism of Wi-Fi services provided by all businesses operating in public domain. First page shown to any customer that connects to Wi-Fi offered through Hotspot Solutions will be containing advertisement. That page can be used for advertising hottest deals, upcoming events and the ongoing promotions.
Recent times have seen UAE to develop into an ideal hub between East and West. It has attracted millions of tourists from past few years who have visited the country both for pleasure and business. According to a research firm, Business Monitor International (BMI), UAE is going to add an extra 120 hotels in its already huge arsenal of hotels by year 2018. BMI has also declared occupancy rate to remain above 70% for hotels in UAE till 2018. Dubai alone has hosted 11 million guests in its hotels in 2013. These figures point towards huge potential of advertisement for businesses operating in UAE and Hotspot Solutions is the most innovative yet most inexpensive solution to reap fruits from such bright figures.
“Hotspot solutions is an economical advertisement solution for businesses of whole region. There are many other advertisement channels available in the country but their effectiveness has plunged in recent years.” said Whitehats General Manager Mr. Rizwan Sabir. He further stated that “Hotspot Solutions are especially suitable for businesses based in Hospitality and retail sector as they are host to most number of users in this modern day hub of corporate world. These solutions are also best for exhibitions as cities like Dubai hosts them all around the year. Exhibiters can use them to spread information regarding through Wi-Fi services offered through their stalls in exhibitions.” Talking about future prospects Mr. Sabir said that “We are already working on an improvement roadmap for this solution. Our R&D department is planning to include analytics and social integration in these solutions in coming days”
Hotspot solutions are particularly designed with an aim that they don’t inflict any change in the current infrastructure of businesses that opt to use this solution. It is a perfect answer for all the obsolete and classical methods of advertisement used in UAE and Whitehats envisages a positive change in the advertisement regimen around the country through its ground-breaking solution.
About Whitehats
Whitehats is an IT Support Company based in Dubai, UAE. Part of Pharaon Group of companies, a renowned business group of Middle East, Whitehats specializes in Remote IT Support, On-Site IT support, IT Support for Home Users and Annual IT Support Contracts. In its more than 7 years of lifetime, Whitehats has earned for itself a large list of content clients belonging to all major categories of business not only in UAE but all around Middle East. Whitehats takes pride that all its services and solutions are not limited to any particular vendor/manufactures but its team of professionals is capable to provide support for any kind of hardware/software no matter which vendor/manufacturer it belongs to