Hypertrophy Max, The Best Selling Muscle Building Program Has Reopened Their Virtual Doors

Hypertrophy Max authors Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski have decided to relaunch and reopn their best selling muscle building program to the public.

Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – Columbus, Georgia – Hypertrophy Max is a well known muscle building training program created by Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakuliski which was designed to help people interested in building muscle avoid the troublesome training plateau. When building muscle nothing is worst than constantly lifting and not seeing results.

Hypertrophy Max was created to make sure people interested in making serious gains in strength and size never have to worry about stalling. About a year or so ago Vince and Ben closed the doors to their best selling program to focus on their current customers. However, after a long hitatus Ben and Vince have decided to relauch and re-open the doors to Hypertrophy Max.

This special re-launch event will run from Dec. 15th to the 19th of Dec and at midnight on Dec 19th the virtual doors will close and no more customers will be accepted. Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakuliski want to make this a event to be remembered so they're offering a limited time "name your offer" special where customers can name how much they want to pay for access to the course.

In addition, the Hypertrophy Max website has been revamped which includes information about the 5 biggest problems making it impossible to make gains, the solutions to these problems and more. A high quality video was added to the site as well which provides potential customers everything they need to know about the muscle building system.

Hypertrophy Max is a physical and digital training and coaching system. Every single month customers will get the following items mailed to them which include a 20 page hardcopy newsletter, a 2 hour DVD of the month which includes a highly instructional DVD filmed in different locations such as Colorado, Vegas, Tampa or Toronto. A Secrets of The Pros with muscle building experts such as Flex Lewis, Dexter Jackson, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Peter Chassion and other professionals sharing their wisdom and advice. Customers also receive an exclusive membership forum, access to monthly coaching calls & other resources to provide their customers with the best in muscle building information and resources.

Vince Delmonte, the co-creator of Hypertrophy Max claims "The majority of people don't understand how to periodize a program or manipulate the variables to continue progressing instead of hitting the plateau. In short, people want to be told exactly what to do every single month and that's exactly what Hypertrophy Max was created for. Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski's claim the reason guys pleateau is because their current programs only rely on one or two of the hypertrophy variables which causes a problem because this means the plateau was built into a good potion of training programs back in the day." reports Delmonte.

"This is a pretty big problem because most muscle builders are manipulating one or two hypertrophy variables such as volume and intensity/load when in reality there are six variables which can be focused on. Each month Vince and Ben will introduce their customers to a different variable each month and follow up with the previous in a curriculum based fashion." reports Delmonte.

The special, limited time launch starts Dec 16th at 12:01 am and runs until Dec 19th at midnight. Once the launch is over the viritual doors will close until sometime down the road. Hypertrophy Max is only for men and women serious about making massive gains in size & strength while avoiding the training plateu.

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To visit the official website for Hypertrophy Max please visit the following website: http://trustworthyfitness.com/go/hypertrophy/

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